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Winter Weather

With winter weather upon us, we want to ensure students, families, and staff are safe. We watch the weather very closely during the winter months for forecasts that may cause any issues, impacting the safety of our students arriving at school. Once a decision is made about a closure or delayed start time, information is posted on our website, broadcast on local TV and radio stations and sent to parents using our district-wide messaging system. Additional details can be found in our District Protocol on Weather letter below.

VASD Protocol on Weather Letter

Protocolo del Distrito sobre el Clima

We kindly ask parents/guardians to talk to your child(ren) about dressing appropriately for the weather. During cold weather months, elementary students are to wear outer clothing appropriate to the weather conditions. Following the recommendations by the National Weather Service, unless the temperature or wind chill is at or below -10 degrees Fahrenheit, recess is held outside. Boots, hats, mittens, scarves, and water repellent snow pants/double pants are required for students in Grades K-3 (primary students). For students in Grades 4-5 (intermediate students), snow pants/double pants are optional but highly encouraged as they keep students warm and dry. Students who do not have winter boots (these are boots that they are wearing out to recess only, and will not be indoors as well) must stay on the blacktop.

We understand that many families prefer to make plans for school closures as far in advance as possible; however, weather patterns are not always predictable and weather-related impacts for schools are not often clear until early morning hours on the day of the potential closure. We thank you for your understanding on these days of potential weather-related closures.  At all times and in all cases, families make the final decision on attendance at school on inclement weather days. If no school delay or cancellation is issued and you believe the conditions (e.g., road conditions, temperature) are not appropriate for your student, you are free to keep your student home and the absence will be excused. If you choose to keep your student home, please communicate with the school office regarding their absence.