• VAHS Parking Permits

    In order to obtain a VAHS Student Parking Permit, you need a valid Wisconsin Driver's License and vehicle insurance. You need to fill out a digital parking permit form and pay a $50.00 fee.
    The fee can be paid via E-Funds, cash or check to VAHS.

    VAHS Parking Permit Form - for students with a valid driver's license and vehicle insurance 

    ***Students who are not 16 and do not have a valid driver's license should wait to fill out the form with their parents/guardians once they are 16 years of age with a valid license and vehicle insurance.  

    Link to E-Funds accounts to pay electronically - Parking is listed as an "Optional Fee."

    Parking Map/Free Lots
    There are also 3 additional lots available for free student parking at VAHS, including Lots G, H and I. .
    Click Here to Find the Parking Map which includes Free Student Parking Lots

    Temporary Pass 
    If you need a temporary parking pass for a short period of time while your permitted VAHS vehicle is unavailable to you, please see Attendance Secretary Natasha Hendricks (across from the Main Office when you enter the building) for a Temporary Parking Pass.