• Operational Referendum 2022


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  • The Verona Area School District (VASD) Board of Education voted on July 11, 2022 to place an operational referendum question on the ballot for the November 8, 2022 election. The referendum, if approved, will give the VASD Board of Education permission to invest an additional $19M in the Verona area's public schools to help ensure our bright future. This added revenue authority will likely be used in the coming years as our district navigates future two-year budget cycles. The Board does not have to use this added authority.

    With a passing operational referendum, the Verona area can position ourselves for the present and into the future to:

    • provide for sufficient numbers of staff as student enrollment continues to increasemill rate
    • maintain desirable teacher: student ratios and class sizes
    • offer competitive compensation to retain and attract high-quality and diverse educators
    • maintain wages with the pace of inflation
    • offset the negative ramifications of state public education funding budget

    Referendum School and Community Information Sessions

    In April and May, VASD hosted referendum information sessions at 10 school sites with about 550 participants. We also welcomed over 170 community members to in-person, live streamed, and virtual information sessions in English and Spanish. During the question and answer portions of the sessions, participants surfaced questions about how to best share this information with the community, the public education funding process, the referendum process, what happens if the referendum does not pass, and class size.

    The Board of Education voted to place an operational referendum question on the ballot in July for a November 8, 2022 referendum. We will reach far and wide into the community to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn more about the referendum and have their questions answered. Please join us at any of the Community Information Sessions listed below. The presentation shared at the sessions is also available by clicking on "Charting our Path Forward" below or clicking here.

    We want to hear from you! Contact referendum@verona.k12.wi.us with questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What will the impact of the operating referendum be for taxpayers?

  • How can a referendum have a mill rate neutral tax impact?

  • Don’t states fund public education?

  • Why are so many schools going to referendum?

  • If the Board votes to put an operating referendum question on the ballot, would my taxes go down if I vote “no”?

  • If the recurring referendum were to pass, does the Board of Education need to use all of the new revenue authority?

  • Will there be additional interest savings lost if the Verona Area School District (VASD) spends more on operations and less on debt service as a result of this referendum passing?