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Winter Weather School Closure Protocols and Information

How do families and staff know if school is closed or delayed due to the weather?

Weather related school delay and/or closure information will be shared as follows:

  • Families will receive an email and text message to your contact information on file in PowerSchool.

  • Staff will receive an email to your vasd email address and a text message to your contact information on file in Skyward.

  • broadcast on local TV stations

  • VASD’s social media

You will not receive a phone call.

If your family’s contact information has changed since you last reviewed it during the online summer registration process, please call your child’s school office to inform them of the changes. Staff, if your contact information has changed, please update it in Skyward or contact Human Resources for assistance.

If there is ever a time when school is in session, and you do not feel it is in your child’s best interest to attend based on your assessment of the weather, it is always your choice to keep your child at home. If your child will not be attending school, please call your child’s school office to inform them of the absence.

Snow Day Decision Making

During snow events, a VASD team including a bus company representative drives roads throughout the district to assess driving conditions beginning at 4:00 AM. We are in contact with the National Weather Service and a local meteorologist for real time information on current and predicted local and regional weather conditions. Superintendents in multiple area school districts consult regarding weather conditions in their areas and factors influencing their decisions (e.g., bus route terrain). We strive to make an informed decision about delaying or closing school due to weather as soon as possible either the night before an anticipated weather event or early in the morning by 5:45 AM - 6:00 AM.

Asynchronous Learning for Students Grades 6-12 During Inclement Weather Days

Due to inclement weather, the Verona Area School District closed on January 9 and January 12, 2024, using the two inclement weather days built into the 2023-24 calendar. There are a variety of ways to meet instructional minutes required by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) in the event that school is closed due to inclement weather, including delaying the start of school and using asynchronous learning.

VASD will be moving to an Asynchronous Learning Day for secondary students in grades 6-12 in the event of another inclement weather day. Information on assignments and school work will be available through Canvas, VASD’s online learning management system that is used regularly by students and staff. DPI requires students in grade 6 to have 1,050 hours of instruction over the course of the school year, while students in grades 7-12 are required to have 1,137 hours. As such, instructional minutes now must be made up for any inclement weather days to continue to meet DPI’s requirements.

Elementary school students will not have school in the event of another inclement weather day. Pre-K student programming will be canceled if there is another inclement weather day. VASD elementary students have an excess of 131 hours (over 18 days) of instruction over and above the DPI’s requirements for instructional minutes of 1,050 hours. Therefore, elementary students will not be required to make up instructional minutes unless we have more than 18 additional inclement weather/school closure days during the 2023-24 school year.

Delayed Start Option

If inclement weather is predicted for the early morning hours only, VASD may call a Delayed Start day. A Delayed Start day follow a Late Start Monday schedule. Morning Pre-K and Early Childhood Special Education would be canceled on a Delayed Start Day.

If VASD calls a Delayed Start day, we request that families drop students off on the Late Start Monday schedule to allow staff time to arrive at school safely to greet students. Bus transportation will run on the same schedule as a K-12 Late Start Monday.

Wind Chill Advisory

VASD will hold school during a wind chill advisory. The National Weather Service calls a wind chill advisory when seasonably cold wind chill values, but not extremely cold values, are expected or occurring.

Wind Chill Warning

VASD will close for the day if the National Weather Service issues a wind chill warning (-35 degrees ℉ sustained). We will consider a delayed start if the warning is anticipated to be lifted in the mid-morning hours. 

What about Recess?

Winter recess in Wisconsin is fun...and can be very cold. All students who are healthy enough to attend school are expected to participate in recess, and all students go outside for recess each day. The VASD’s elementary and middle schools follow recommendations by the National Weather Service: unless the temperature or wind chill is at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, recess is held outside. Students are to wear outer clothing appropriate to the weather, which during the winter months means boots, hats, mittens, scarves and water repellent snow pants/double pants. Please label all winter clothing. If you are in need of any winter clothing, please contact your school’s office for assistance. 

Closure and Delay Options
  • There are two days built into the 2024-25 calendar year for school closures due to weather or other disruptive events.

  • If we cancel three days of school prior to February 16, 2024, we will most likely have school on February 16 depending on a variety of factors. If we have not canceled three days of school prior to February 16, 2024, we will not have school that day.

  • Our current busing schedule, with two loops instead of three, allows us to consider delaying the start of the school day if inclement weather is expected in the early morning hours only.

  • If we need to make up instructional minutes beyond these days, we will consider adding minutes to the day, using asynchronous learning, or adding a day or days at the end of the school year.

Did we have any snow days during the 2023-24 school year?

January 9, 2024 and January 12, 2024 were snow days.

Curious for more information on weather prediction and decision making? Check out Episode 9 of the In the Loop with the Sup podcast with meteorologist Charlie Shortino.