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Securly iPad Web Filter

Securly is a cloud-based web filtering company for K-12 schools that also focuses on student safety. Securly is CIPA (Children's Internet and Protection Act) compliant.

Email Securly for support.

For our students in grades 4-12, we will utilize a unique feature that will email you a weekly report of your children's activities outside of the district. This report was originally scheduled for Mondays. Securly will continue to weekly reports, but they will stagger them throughout the week. 

The email you get from Securly will be sent to the email that you provided during the registration process. It will come from this address:

The subject line of the email will read “Your weekly email report for”. Be sure to allow images in emails from

You don't have to do anything to receive the email reports. If you do not wish to receive these reports, you will see a button in the email that allows you to unsubscribe.

Please remember Securly is a tool to help with online safety but it will never be a substitute for supervision and communication from you as the Parent. Safety comes first and kids of all ages need parental supervision online. Encourage your children to come to you with anything that makes them uncomfortable. Many kids do not want to tell an adult for fear of having their Internet privileges taken away. Remember that kids sometimes make mistakes and these opportunities can be a learning experience. Most importantly, part of being a responsible, ethical digital citizen is making great choices in their digital lives!

Here is a sample Securly Report:


Securly Weekly Report