• Our PreK, four neighborhood elementary schools, two middle schools, three public, tuition-free charter schools, and Verona Area High School serve more than 5,700 students. VASD serves students from Verona and portions of Fitchburg and Madison.


    The Verona Area School District’s mission is that each student will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their personal goals, thrive in a diverse global society, and lead a healthy, self-fulfilling life.

    Equity Framework

    Through deep thinking, reflection, and input from students, families, staff, and the Superintendent’s Advisories, VASD has developed an Equity Framework to both state our beliefs around equity and follow them with actionable steps to ground our work. The Board of Education adopted the VASD Equity Framework shown below in April 2023.

    Equity Statement

    Equity Framework



    The District employs nearly 1,000 individuals on a full- and part-time basis to complete its mission as a PreK-12 public school system.


    The student body represents cultural richness and diversity. Every attempt is made to provide class sizes that are, on average, in the middle to lower 20’s.


    The curriculum is consistent with current educational practices and every attempt is made to adapt it to the individual needs of a child. On achievement tests, students score well above state and national averages in all areas. A nationally recognized, ongoing comprehensive technological plan to assist in providing the type of instructional programs and delivery systems necessary to prepare students for life is in place and under constant evaluation and refinement. Upon graduation from eighth grade, VASD students attend Verona Area High School. 


    In addition to a 600,000 square-foot state-of-the-art high school, several schools were renovated, including Sugar Creek, New Century, Verona Area International School, Badger Ridge Middle School, and Core Knowledge Charter School.  The schools include modern, up-to-date library media centers, Internet access to all classrooms, and attractive, adaptable instructional classroom settings.

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Note: All VASD resident students are eligible to also apply to any of the charter schools in the district (Click on one to visit their website):