• The Verona Area Aquatic Center is now offering Scuba Lessons each month!

    Throughout the year we will be offering 3 different options, from Try Scuba, Scuba Review, and Full Certification Lessons. 

    You can Try Scuba for only $35 !! 

    No equipment required, we will provide all of the equipment for all the classes. 

    • Learn to dive over one weekend - 6 -8 hours of in water pool time.
    • Slow and steady teaching to help build your skills and confidence.
    • Wetsuits are provided in the pool to keep you warm!
    • You'll get to try lots of different masks, fins, & other equipment so you'll know what fits you best while underwater

    Register today by going to veronanat.recdesk.com  click on "Programs" , then "Scuba", then "register now" next to the class of your choice.

    You must create an account in order to register