• The Master Swim Program is an organized coaching program for adults.  Practice sessions will consist of stroke technique and development of all four racing strokes, starts, and turns.  The program will also focus on developing general fitness, endurance and speed.  

    Anyone looking for any or all of the following should consider the program: general higher level of fitness, competition, triathlon and open water swimming.  Registration will not be taken over the phone, payment must accompany registration to hold a spot in class.

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    We will be offering Master's program this Summer at the Natatorium.


    Summer Master's Schedule








    2023 Summer

    Masters Swim Program

    6/12, 6/14, 6/19, 6/21, 6/26, 6/28, 7/3, 7/5, 7/10, 7/12, 7/17, 7/19, 7/24, 7/26, 7/31, 8/2, 8/7, 8/9, 8/14, 8/16, 8/21, 8/23, 8/28, 8/30

    7:00pm – 8:00pm


    Resident of VASD



    Non-Resident of VASD