• District Mission Statement:
    EVERY Student MUST be successful!

    District Values Statement:  Each student has access to the resources and educational rigor they NEED, at the right moment in their education, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, ability, language, family background, or family income.

    What is EA?

    High school aged students residing in the Verona Area School District have the choice to attend Verona Area High School or be part of the Exploration Academy. 

    Students choose Exploration Academy for its focus on providing an equitable and excellent educational experience. EA is a rigorous academic experience that challenges students to reach proficiency in their learning.  Students cannot just get by in Exploration Academy. However, Exploration Academy was designed to meet students where they are in a flexible manner to provide support where needed, while recognizing students individual strengths, passions, and interests. It is the recognition of these strengths, passions, and interests, which form the basis for each students learning experience. Students are drawn to EA because they are able to have voice and choice as a way to be highly motivated and engaged in learning that is personally meaningful and relevant.

    Admission to  Exploration Academy is open to all Verona Area School District students who choose to apply. All applicants are admitted based upon the availability of space. Exploration Academy is an opportunity targeted to engage all students and does not define itself for gifted and talented or at-risk. The complete spectrum of students attend Exploration Academy.

    Our Vision is Finding, Exploring, and Growing Students Passions, Interests, and Needs for Personalized Learning.

    Our Mission is to provide a flexible structure for students to determine their own direction for learning based upon their individual passions, interests, and needs. A highly qualified staff supports the students pursuance of learning, as a process of growth.  Individualized attention is paid to each student, as parents and an advisor work closely and collaboratively with the student to map out a personalized learning plan, where students choose to engage in project-based learning, technology infused-learning, 21st century skills/career exploration and development, and social/emotional growth. Students will engage in deep learning, attain needed skills for a successful post-secondary school future, and develop a love of learning.