• VAIS is governed by a council of parents, staff and community members. This group makes high-level decisions concerning the day-to-day operations of VAIS. Functions of the Governance Council include, but are not limited to, budget allocations, capital expenditures, grant proposals, personnel, curriculum, assessments, VAIS policies and procedures, committee responsibilities, goals and future of VAIS. Current Governance Council members include:

    Darlene Berkovitz, Treasurer

    Sarah Beuthien, Parent Representative

    Tracy Doeppers, Parent Representative

    Grace Flores, Parent Representative

    Cindy Grady, Parent Representative

    Charles James, UW Representative

    David Kassa, Parent Representative 

    Steve Kean, Parent Representative

    James Kokalj, Co-President

    Joanne Mueller, Parent Representative

    Teresa Mueller, Co-President

    Ann Princl, Director

    Yingying Reiter, Staff Representative

    Sarah Shaw, Staff Representative

    Catherine Tang, Parent Representative


    The Governance Council generally meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Meetings are open to the public.

    In 2020-2021, we met via zoom. However, for 2021-2022 we are hoping to have some meetings in person at our school in the library. If you are interested in attending, please connect with Teresa Mueller or James Kokalj to find out the location (in person or via zoom).