• Attendance Hotline (608) 845-4003

    Attendance Email - so-attendance@verona.k12.wi.us

    Attendance Helpful Hints

    • Students should always sign in or out of school from the office.
    • When a student is or will be gone from school for any reason, a parent or guardian needs to notify the office using any of the ways above.
    • When a student needs to leave early, it is extremely helpful to have them pick up their pass to leave when they arrive at school.  This helps alleviate classroom interruptions.  
    • Our attendance window is open from 8:20-8:30 each morning or they can come into the office at any time.
    • If you know in advance that your student will be absent for more than one day, please notify the office prior to their absence so your student can gather assignments that would be missed.
    • If your child doesn’t feel well at school, he/she should visit the school nurse before contacting  home.  The school nurse, or office staff, will make contact with a parent if the student needs to go home due to illness.  If the student goes home from the Healthroom, their absence becomes a medically excused absence.
    • If a student accumulates 5 – 10 partial or full days of absences a parent will receive an attendance letter. 
      Please read it carefully for VASD attendance policies, Attendance Information Letter    
    • What can you do to help improve your student's attendance


    Pete Christofferson  Associate Principal  (608) 845-4011 

    Rita Wedderspoon   Attendance Secretary (608) 845-4006 


    Use the document below: "A Note From Home"

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