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Interested in Being a Board Member?

Candidates who are interested in becoming members of the Board of Education for the Verona Area School District can visit the Verona City Clerk's website for information.  The seven-member Verona Area School District Board of Education is made up of four members who may live in the district at large and three members who must reside in specific geographic portions within the district. The Portion 1 member must live in the part of the district outside of the cities of Verona and Fitchburg. The Portion 2 member must live in Fitchburg, and the Portion 3 member must live in Verona. Each term is three years long. In a three-year cycle, one at-large member and one portion member is elected each year for two years while during the third year, two at-large members and one portion member are elected.

Additional information is available at Guide for Candidates and Election Form Resources.