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Special Education and 504 Record Requests

School Districts Requesting Special Education or 504 Records

If you are a school district seeking transfer records for a recently enrolled student, please submit all written requests for Special Education and 504 records to Rachelle McCullough or fax to (844) 787-4713.

Colleges Requesting Special Education or 504 Records

If you are a college seeking special education records for a former Verona Area School District Student, please send a Release of Information consent form (signed by former student) to Rachelle McCullough or fax to (844) 787-4713.

Individuals Requesting Special Education or 504 Records for students UNDER the age of 18
  • Students under the age of 18:Parents/guardians of current or former VASD students under the age of 18 may submit their written request for copies of Special Education or 504 records to Rachelle McCullough.   Please include the email, mailing address, or fax number you wish the records to be sent to.

Individuals Requesting Special Education Records or 504 Records for students OVER the age of 18 
The rights held by a parent regarding his or her minor child transfer to the child when the child reaches the age of 18 years, 34 CFR 99.5. However, the parents of an adult student who continues to be financially dependent upon the parents may continue to have access to their child’s pupil records, unless the adult student notifies the school in writing this information may not be shared with the parents without the student’s permission, Wis. Stat. sec. 118.125(2)(k)
Cumulative/General Education Records

If you seek cumulative/general education records such as a transcript, immunization records, attendance records, grades, or disciplinary history, please contact the last school attended in our district.