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Progressive Response Model

The Verona Area School District implements the Progressive Response Model to support healthy relationships, growth, and positive development among students. It is built on collaboration among staff, parents, and students to create and sustain a positive school climate that supports success and well-being. A caring, safe, inclusive, and accepting learning environment is fostered for everyone and by everyone. All students, parents, and other community members are welcomed, respected, and valued.

Progressive response uses a continuum of prevention and strategies to foster and reinforce positive behavior and to help students make choices that support relationships and learning. The Progressive Response Model is intended to help turn mistakes into authentic learning experiences by implementing the use of age-appropriate interventions, supports, and responses to address inappropriate student behavior. Staff take proactive, individualized and progressive measures when dealing with discipline. Parents and community partners are involved and professional supports for students are accessed when appropriate. The Progressive Response measures used to address inappropriate behavior are both corrective and supportive. The use of these responses is carefully planned with well-defined outcomes to provide the greatest benefit to the student.