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Translation & Interpretation Services

Facilitating Equitable Access to Information for English Language Learners and Their Families

Mission Statement

To foster two-way communication between home and school and serve as a cultural broker so that those efforts produce the best results and EVERY student can be successful.

Our Services
  1. Interpretation - (Verbal Communication)

2. Translation (Written Communication)

3. Cultural Awareness Lens: Planning for events/meetings/communication

  • To deliver these services in a way that is fair and equitable we consider the importance of cultural awareness and the method of delivery of our services to most effectively achieve our mission. To find out how to ensure cultural awareness at events that may require interpretation services please email the translator group at

Meet our Translation Staff



Nancy Carranza

Office: 608-845-4009 Cell: 608-354-9480


Sandra Garcia

Office: 608-653-1019 Cell: 608-381-8593



Elizabeth Garcia Hall

Cell: 608-469-4227


Emily Knott

Office: 608-845-4491 Cell: 608-381-2151