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Chinese Immersion

The mission of Verona Area International School (VAIS) is to educate children to become citizens in a global society.

The school is a Chinese immersion school with 50% of the curriculum is delivered in Mandarin. It is the only Chinese immersion school in the state of Wisconsin. Students spend half their school day learning Mandarin, the number one spoken language in the world.

Each year parents of students entering kindergarten may choose to enroll their child in VAIS. Kindergarten students immediately begin hearing Mandarin during half of their school day. The curriculum meets common core standards and test scores demonstrate that students are able to excel in all subject areas while in an immersion environment for half of their school day.

The Verona Area International School was established in 2010 as a charter school serving grades K-5 under the governance of the Verona Area School District. VAIS was designated as a Confucius Classroom by Hanban Institute in August 2015 and is the only public school in the state of Wisconsin to have earned this designation. The mission of Hanban Institute is to spread knowledge of the Chinese language and culture throughout the world. It is based in Beijing but has offices worldwide. Designation as a Confucius Classroom means that VAIS is eligible for placement of a Chinese teacher supported by Hanban, and will receive both financial funding as well as curriculum and educational materials from Hanban.

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