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Why VASD is a Great Place to Work

Verona Area High School Building Outside
The Verona Area School District currently has 900 employees serving more than 5,700 students at ten (10) different sites.  Do you desire to join a diverse, progressive school district committed to educational excellence? If your answer is “yes”, then come grow with us! Learn more about our employment opportunities, our competitive salaries, our generous benefits package, and the opportunity to make a difference for our kids!

At the Verona Area School District, we acknowledge that many of the educational systems we have put in place through the years have contributed to a lack of success for marginalized students in our district, particularly students of color.  Our district is dedicated to addressing and ensuring equity in our student’s educational experience. We believe that changing these systems will improve the success of all students in our district.  One key effort in this area is our movement towards personalized learning to better engage and motivate students.

Does this seem like something you want to be a part of? If so, ask yourself …

  1. Are you Flexible, Adaptable, and Committed – Are you able to operate in turbulent and ambiguous situations? Do you keep going when the going gets tough?
  2. Do you have a Positive Attitude and Problem-Solving Personality – Do you look for positives in every situation and focus on what you can control? 
  3. Do you have a Growth Mindset- Do you see the positives in every child and believe that you are the biggest determinant in a child’s educational success? 
  4. Can you see things through an Equity Lens – Do you reflect on your teaching practices through an equity lens? 
  5. Do you have Clear Beliefs About Educational Best Practices – Is your teaching practice learner-centered? Relationship (vs. compliance) oriented?  Do you believe a relevant and rigorous curriculum engages all students?  Do you believe in standards-based student assessment?