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Verona Area Education Foundation

The Verona Area Education Foundation, Inc. is a separate entity from the Verona Area School District and exists to offer grants, supported by fundraising efforts, and engage in projects and programs for the benefit of the Verona Area School District, its staff and students. Nearly 350 grants totaling more than $110,000 have been given since the Foundation’s inception in 1992.

Grants support projects that are not included in school budgets, such as:

  • Teacher innovation with classroom curriculums
  • School program enhancements

The dollars raised to fund Education Foundation grants come from a variety of sources:

  • Annual Holiday Arts & Crafts Sale
  • Amazon donates to your favorite charitable organization. Choose the Verona Area Education Foundation as a portion of your purchase price will help the foundation carry out its mission of offering extra financial support to unique and innovative classroom projects for teachers! 
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Staff donations through payroll deduction
  • Donations from local individuals/businesses/organizations

If you are interested in donating to help fund innovative programs for our Verona Area School District students, please email Nick Grays or donate on Paypal.  

The Verona Area Education Foundation is currently seeking three board members to serve the needs of Verona are students.  If you are interested in giving your expertise and time to provide needed support for teachers and students, please complete a Board Application form and send it to us for consideration.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Vivian, Student Representative

Errin Welty, President

Jana Schroeer, Secretary

Nick Grays, Treasurer

John Borleske, Member at Large

Chrissy King, Member at Large

John Porco, Board of Education Representative

Leigh Schmidt, Member at Large

Marcie Pfeifer-Soderbloom, School District Liaison

Devin Renner, Member at Large

Jesse Melichar, Member at Large