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Thank you for considering Verona Area School District’s Aquatics Centers for your next event! The information below contains important information and resources to help answer all of your logistical questions about using our space.

¡Gracias por considerar al Distrito Escolar del Área de Verona para alquiler de instalaciones! 
Para información sobre las instalaciones y como alquilar una sala para evento privado, por favor contacte a la Traductora Nancy Carranza al 608-354-9480.

The Verona Area School District believes that school facilities belong to the community and should be made available to the public for uses that benefit the community. The School Board recognizes that school facilities are a valuable asset to the community and encourages their use for worthwhile purposes when such use is in accordance with the provisions of our policies and its implementing procedures. The Board also believes that the use of school facilities should not place a significant burden on the taxpayers of the District. Therefore, fees shall be established to address costs incurred by the District for labor, utilities and use of school facilities by user groups.

Check out our board policy and rule here:
Board Policy 830 Use of School Facilities
830 Rule

For information about our swim programs, lessons, open community swim times, etc. please visit the VASD aquatics website.

Aquatics Rental Information

Aquatic Facility Priority Categories:

  1. Verona Area School District Groups and Activities.

  2.  Resident Non-Profit* swim groups (Residents defined as groups having more than 50% of registered participants are currently resident VASD students).                -OR-

          Resident Individuals (usage example: Birthday parties, family  celebrations, NOT permissible for private swim lessons or practices).

VASD Resident For-Profit Groups or Non-VASD Resident Non-Profit   Groups.

Other Non VASD Resident Groups or Individuals.

          *non profit groups must submit a 501(c)(3)

Community Request Timelines

Aquatic Facility Usage Dates:

Request Forms Accepted Starting:

Processing Begins:

First Day of School, 2021 - February 28, 2022

March 1 - May 15, 2021

May 30, 2021

March 1, 2022 - Last Day of School, 2022

July 1, 2021 - September 15, 2021


September 30, 2021

First Day Summer Break,2022 - Last Day of Summer Break, 2022

December 1, 2021- February 15, 2022


February 28, 2022

Organizations, groups, or individuals will be assigned available space on a first come, first serve basis and in accordance with the community request schedule. However, requests for recurring practices for any organization or club will be subject to the facility and time selection process listed below.

Process for Determining Aquatic Space:

  1. All requests must be submitted by using this facility use request form.

  2.    a. Non-Profit status (i.e. tax-exempt numbers) and Certificates of Insurance must be uploaded with the form and/or already on file with the District office or the request form will be considered null and void.

  3. Any request made prior to the accepted start date will be deleted and a new form will need to be submitted within the date range listed above in Figure 2.

    1. The District welcomes regional, state, and national competitions and large events and will therefore accept applications for these special events outside of the submission date guidelines shown in Figure 2.  These requests will be reviewed and must be approved by each of the following: Aquatic Facility Director, Facility & Event Scheduling Coordinator, and Maintenance & Grounds Director.

      1. When a user group reaches 50+ participants and/or attendees during weekend use, it shall be customary to require one custodian to be present during the event.  If a user group reaches 200+ or more participants, it will be customary to require at least two custodians to be present during the event. (Board Policy 830 Rule B:4).  This is in addition to Lifeguards that are required for all events in the Aquatic Facilities.                          

  4. When request processing begins, all requests will be sorted in order of their priority category and then by the date and time stamp listed on the online request form.

  5. If the date, time, and facility is available, a facility agreement form will be sent to the requesting individual for their review and signature.  The form must be signed and returned within 3 business days or the request will be considered null and void, and the space will be opened up to the next requesting group.  Once the facility agreement form has been signed and returned to the Aquatic Facility Director, a confirmation email will be sent.  

  6. For organizations or clubs requesting recurring practice time, each organization leader or president will be given the chance to select up to a maximum of 15 hours of practice time per week, one organization or club at a time, until all needs are met and/or the facility space is exhausted. The amount of available time will vary depending on the time of year and the VASD programs offered.

    Note: Group 2 groups are able to request up to 25 hours per week (updated 2/15/21)

    1. For example: Swim activity groups A, B, and C, which all fall within the same priority category, have requested pool time from 4pm - 10pm, Monday through Friday.  Sorted by the order in which their applications were received, Group A will be allowed to choose up to 15 hours of pool time, per week, during the requested date range.  Group B will then be given the chance to choose the next available (up to) 15 hours, per week, of pool time. Lastly, Group C will choose their (up to) 15 hours, per week, of pool time. This cycle will continue until facility space is exhausted and/or all organizations’ needs are met.

    2. For organizations or clubs that fall within this selection process, a timeline for selecting available facility space will be communicated to each organization or club leader.

      1. Each leader will be instructed when it is their turn to choose their preferred hours of time on a calendar, which will be provided by the Aquatic Facility Director.

      2. Each leader will have 2 business days to choose their hours of time and submit their selection to the Aquatic Facility Director.  If their selection is not submitted within 2 business days, the calendar will be passed onto the next group leader in line.

        1. Chosen times shall be submitted using the district submission form.

        2. All information needs to be filled in on the form for the submission to be valid. (i.e. Location, Date, Time, Organization/Club Name, Coach’s Name)

        3. Facility time may not be reserved for less than 1 hour.  If multiple hours are chosen on the same day of the week, they must be consecutive hours, unless nonsequential times are all that is left available.  (i.e. A group is not allowed to choose 4pm - 5pm and 7pm - 8pm, if the 6pm slot is available).

      3. The Aquatics Facility Director will notate the selections made and pass the calendar onto the next group leader in line for selecting facility time. 

  7. Once request forms for organizations, groups or individuals within the first priority category have been processed, the next group of request forms will be reviewed.  This request form review cycle will continue until all forms, within each priority category, have been processed and/or district space(s) is exhausted.

Additional Considerations:

● More hours may be offered if a surplus is available.
● Rental groups and Individuals, alone or with others may not offer programs that compete with VASD Aquatic Programs in our facilities.
● Authorization for use of school facilities shall not be considered as an endorsement of or approval of the activity, group or organization nor for the purpose it represents.
● Resident groups could be subject to an audit of their roster to ensure 50%+ of participants are residents of VASD.
● VASD Aquatic Facility will be closed for major Holidays.
● If school is closed for any reason all events held in school facilities are cancelled. (Board Policy 830 Rule A:9)
● If a VASD Aquatic Facilities need to be closed for power outages, maintenance, or mechanical issues, all events will be cancelled, and we will attempt to give groups as much notice as possible.

If you have questions about facility reservations, please contact Jeanene Ennis (608) 845-4329 or

View the Aquatics Fee Schedule

View the Facility Use Request Form

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