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VASD Charter/Choice Information

VASD also provides families with charter and choice program options at Core Knowledge Charter School, New Century School, Verona Area International School (Mandarin immersion program), or the Two-Way Spanish Immersion (TWI) Program.  


2021 school tours dates and locations coming soon for all neighborhood schools, charter schools or for the Two Way Immersion program.

To apply for one of these schools or programs, you must submit an online Charter/Choice Application form between January 12 and February 15 to be considered for the upcoming lottery. All late submissions will be added to the waiting list. This also includes younger siblings of students who are currently enrolled in one of the charter schools or the TWI program. If your student is not currently attending a school in VASD, you will need to register them before submitting an application. Please find details on how to register your student here
Only one 2021-22 application request per VASD resident student may be submitted.

2021-22 VASD Kindergarten Charter/Choice Application
2021-22 VASD Grades 1-8 Charter/Choice Application
2021-22 VASD 5th-6th Grade Program Selection Form
2021-22 Solicitud a una Escuela Chárter/Programa de Inmersión para el Kindergarten
2021-22 Solicitud a una Escuela Chárter/Programa de Inmersión Grados 1-8
2021-22 VASD Formulario de selección de programa para quinto a sexto grado

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The Verona Area School District currently has three public charter schools operating in the district: 

New Century School is a K-5 charter school established in 1995. 

Click here for facts on the school.
Click here for upcoming school tours and informational sessions 
NCS is currently located in the former K-wing building at 700 N. Main Street in Verona. The school utilizes multi-age classrooms and emphasizes a thematic, environmentally-integrated curriculum. 
Contact: Ann Princl, Principal, 608-845-4500 

Core Knowledge® Charter School 
is a K-8 charter school established in 1996.

Click here for facts on the school. 
Click here for upcoming school tours and informational sessions
The school is currently located within Badger Ridge Middle School in Verona.  The school emphasizes the Core Knowledge sequence and Direct Instruction.  

Contact: Rick Kisting, Principal, 845-4610  

Verona Area International School is a K-5 charter school established in 2010. 

Click here for facts on the school.  
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VAIS is located in the former K-wing building at 700 N. Main Street in Verona.  The school is a 50/50 Mandarin immersion program, where students learn half-days in Chinese-Mandarin and half-days in English.  Aspects of the VAIS curriculum focus on the global community.

Contact: Ann Princl, Director, 608-845-4500 

Verona Area Two Way Immersion Program

Click here to learn more about the VASD Two Way Spanish Immersion Program (espanòl)
Click here to learn more about the VASD Two-Way Immersion Program Foundational Beliefs
Click here for the Immersion Program Fact Sheet (english o español) 

Contact: Laurie Burgos, Director, 845-4312

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents
What are charter schools?
Charter schools (in Wisconsin) are public schools that operate under contract with a legislatively designed authority. In most cases, this authority is the local school board. 

Charter Schools are a way for school boards to offer a choice to parents in selecting accountability for results in exchange for freedom from some rules and regulations required of other public schools.   [Back to top]

What is the difference between the charter schools in the district?
All charter schools in the district are required to follow the same standards for what students must learn.  The charter schools are allowed, by contract, to have different strategies and instructional methods to reach these standards.  New Century School is a K-5 elementary school featuring multiage classrooms that feature thematic, environmentally-integrated curriculum.  Core Knowledge Charter School is a K-5 elementary and 6-8 middle school featuring E.D. Hirsch's Core Knowledge curriculum and using Direct Instruction.  Spanish is also offered to students in the program.  The Verona Area International School is an elementary school that uses single grade and multi-age settings.  The school is a Mandarin immersion program, where students learn half days in Chinese-Mandarin and half days in English. (For more specific information, see each school's web sites or call the schools directly.)   [Back to top]  

Who has the opportunity to make a placement choice?
All resident parents of children entering kindergarten through eighth grade for the next school year have the opportunity to make a choice regarding the school site or programs to attend.   [Back to top]

Can open enrollment students attend a charter school?
The school can request to receive open enrollment students and this request must be approved by the Board.  This opportunity is typically very limited.    [Back to top] 

What are the choices? 
Your choices, for which school program to attend, include your attendance area school or New Century School, Core Knowledge Charter School, or Verona Area International School.    [Back to top]

When is this choice available to me?
The Verona Area School District provides information for all incoming kindergarten parents in January via the VASD Website.   Parents with children already attending the district may consider a placement change and are encouraged to contact other schools for specific information about their program .   [Back to top]  

How do I make a choice to change programs?
If you want your child to change to a different program, then you must complete and return the Placement Change Request Form on line (VASD Website) or to the district office.  Placement Change Request Forms will be available to parents in February.  Residents with school age children that do not currently attend the district can find a Charter Placement Request Form on the district website.  [Back to top]  

What if I don't want to change programs? 
If you want your child to return to the school program they are currently enrolled in, you don't have to do anything.  Do not fill out the Placement Change Request Form.  Parents that do not return this form will be making the choice to return to the next appropriate grade level within the existing school program.    [Back to top] 

Can I attend any school I want?
No. Your existing school attendance boundaries must still be followed unless you are attending a charter school.  If you choose a charter school, then you can attend the location regardless of where you live.    [Back to top] 

Is district bus transportation available if I choose a program outside the attendance boundaries?  
Yes. Bus transportation is available to all students throughout the district following the same guidelines as other school locations regarding distance.  [Back to top]  

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