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VASD Registration - FAQs

Who is Eligible to attend?
In accordance with the Verona Area School District's Board Policy, any student being admitted to the Verona Area School District (VASD) must reside within the established boundaries of the district, except as otherwise permitted by law. The administration shall verify the residence of students enrolled in district schools.

VASD shall not discriminate in admissions to any school, class, program or activity or facilities usage on the basis of sex, race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical, mental, emotional or learning disability or homelessness status. This policy does not, however, prohibit VASD from placing a student in a school, class, program or activity based on objective standards of individual performance or need. Discrimination complaints shall be processed in accordance with established procedures.

How do I know which school my student will attend?
First, verify that your residence is within VASD boundaries with Dane County’s resource 
Access Dane. Next, use the VASD boundary maps to determine which school your student will attend. If you have questions, please contact our registration office: 608 845-4360.

Where can I find more information on each school within the district?
Verona Area School District is comprised of certain portions of Verona, Fitchburg, and Madison. Within the district, there are 4 Elementary Schools, 2 Middle Schools, and 1 High School as well as a Pre-K program, several charter schools, and dual language programs. Click here for Fact Sheets on Each School.


How do I enroll if I do not have a permanent address?
Your address will be the address you physically spend the night at before you complete your registration paperwork, even if it is in a car, shelter, etc. This address will be used to determine your home attendance area school. Depending on your circumstances, you may be asked to complete the McKinney Vento Eligibility Form during the registration process.

The student is living with me and I am taking care of him/her because the parent/legal guardian is unable. How do I enroll him/her in school?
If the student is residing with you for reasons other than for the sole purpose of education in the Verona Area School District, both you and the parent/legal guardian will be asked to write a letter of circumstances and complete and sign the Educational Guardianship Acceptance of Responsibility formin our office. This form is then reviewed by the Director of Student Services for approval or denial. You will also need to provide Proof of Residency and Proof of Age/Name. 

What if I am currently living with someone and cannot provide proof of residency?
Families who have established stable residency in the home of another adult individual/family residing in VASD, for reasons other than the sole purpose of attending a Verona Area school, can fill out a Co-Residency Verification Form in our office. Both, the parent/legal guardian and the co-resident will need to complete and sign this form. This form is then reviewed by the Director of Student Services for approval or denial. The co-resident is the resident adult with whom the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and student(s) are living and is the adult that can provide proof of residency for the family.

Some common examples of co-residency:

  • A couple where only one person can provide proof of address
  • Two families sharing a house
  • Student/parent living with a grandparent
  • Adult student living with someone

What if I am anticipating a move to VASD?
Current nonresident families that seek to enroll a student in advance of their move into VASD shall provide a building permit, mortgage contract or rental lease with specific dates of their anticipated move into VASD to the Registration office before the student will be allowed to start school. This might occur with new home construction or due to an upcoming move into an apartment or residence in the VASD. If a parent/guardian cannot show proof of their intent to move into VASD during the semester, the student will need to enroll for that semester in the district where the parent/guardian now resides. The parent/guardian must also deposit a check made out to VASD for one semester of tuition. This check will be held on deposit at the District Office. If the family moves into the district before the end of the semester of attendance, the check on deposit will be returned to the family when they move into the district. If the family does not move in during the semester of attendance, their deposit check will be cashed and the student will be required to return to their school district of residency until the family can establish residency in VASD. If a parent/guardian refuses to deposit such a check, the student will not be allowed to begin school in VASD before their move.

All residency circumstances are subject to review. Each case will be determined by the school district whether the student lives within the district for a purpose other than school attendance.  If a student claiming to be a resident is found not to be a resident, that student shall be immediately withdrawn from school and tuition may be charged for days attended.


What documentation is requested to register a new resident student?
It is requested that you provide the following documents:

  • Proof of Residency (one of the following):
  • Current Lease Agreement or Mortgage documentation with current address, effective date, and all parties’ signatures
    P.O. Box is NOT acceptable proof of residency
  • Current Utility Bill (within the last 45 days)
    Examples include: electric/gas, or city/village water with name and current address
    Cell phone and cable bills are NOT accepted
  • Recent home purchase (Offer to purchase with the closing date, all signatures, followed by utility bill after occupancy)
  • Building Contract and Permit (Must include address, estimated date of completion, all signatures) (Additional steps are required per board policy, please contact the Registration office to discuss)

Unable to provide any of the above-mentioned documents?
Please call the Registration Office (608) 845-4360 to further discuss your situation.

  • Proof of Age/Name (one of the following):
  • Current Passport
  • Immunization Records, State Issued ID (must indicate date of birth)

If available, please bring any documentation from your previous school when visiting our office, it will be helpful to make the registration and enrollment transition process run smoothly (all official records will be requested from your previous school), for example:

  • Copy of Official/Unofficial transcript (middle school, high school only), this will help expedite the pending meeting with a counselor to schedule classes.
  • Information or documentation about any special services your student is/was receiving:
  • Section 504 Evaluations, Plans and related reports
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP), Evaluations, and related reports
  • English Language Learner (ELL) or English as a Second Language (ESL) student documentation

What will happen if I don’t bring all the required documentation when I go to register?
You will be allowed to complete the registration process, but you will be asked to bring proof as soon as you have it. If you do not have all the required documentation, please call the Registration Office (608) 845-4360 to further discuss your situation.

If I am not available, who can register/enroll my student?
Only a parent and/or legal guardians with “rights to records” and/or “educational guardian” can register/enroll students.

What does the Registration and Enrollment process involve? (A two-step process)

Step 1: Call or visit our Registration Office to complete the registration process for all children at school-age level (Pre-K through 12th Grade). Each student will be assigned a student # after the proof of residency/age is completed. Once the student’s neighborhood school location is determined, the family will begin registering. The Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be required to complete the online registration process (should take no longer than 30 minutes per student). Once the online registration process has been completed, an appointment at the home attendance school will be scheduled to meet with the appropriate staff to continue with enrolling, class placement, etc.  

Step 2: Enrollment requires you to visit the school your student will attend. You will discuss what the school has to offer your student and any specific needs. It is the goal of the Registration team to make sure you receive an appointment to enroll with your school before leaving our office. Depending on grade level, this meeting will usually take place with a school guidance counselor, or school secretary and the principal.

What is needed to complete Online Registration?
The following items are needed to complete the online registration, (It is recommended that families complete this process in the registration office):

  • Household Information - address and phone numbers
  • Parent/Guardian Information - work and cell phone numbers, and email addresses
  • Student Information - health, medication information
  • Emergency Contact Information - names and phone numbers

Additional information regarding the online registration process:

  • What is a Snapcode?
    The Snapcode is a key code specific to an individual student allowing a parent/guardian to register for the incoming school year. Each Snapcode is unique for each student.
  • Should I create an online registration account?
    If you have never completed online registration, you will have to create a new account. The account will allow you to securely save your information and access it later if necessary. Your email address can be utilized to create the account. Don’t have an email address? We suggest that you obtain a free email account online through Google or Yahoo.
  • Do I need more than one online registration account if I have more than one student?
    No. If you are registering more than one student, you can utilize the same account, but you will have to enter each student’s unique Snapcode.
  • What if I have more than one student in the District?
    Each student will be registered through the online process. After completing registration for one student, a parent/guardian can simply click a link to begin registration for a second student. After entering the Snapcode for the second student, some family information will automatically carry over the second student's registration, saving the parent/guardian time. 

What if I do not have internet access to complete online registration?
Please contact the District Registration Office to schedule an appointment to visit us and we will assist you with the online portion of registration.

Where do I register?

Our registration office is located in the same building as Verona Area International School/New Century Charter School.

VASD Registration Office
400 N. Main St.
Verona, WI  53593
Phone: (608) 845-4360

Non-English speaking families: Please contact our office to schedule an appointment to ensure a translator is available if needed.

How long will the Registration process take in the office?

If you are registering for the first time in the district, plan to spend at least 45-60 minutes in our office. If you have more than one student, the total time spent will vary. Online registration does provide an auto-fill option for families with multiple students so that most of the information captured with the first student is saved as you complete the process for any additional students. We recommend calling ahead to schedule an appointment time so that the registration process goes as smoothly as possible.


When does online registration begins for returning students for the upcoming academic year?
Generally online registration begins during the first week of August. Snapcodes required to complete online registration will be mailed out the previous week.

What if I moved to a new residence within VASD boundaries?

Follow the steps below to re-establish residency within the district boundaries:

  1. Verify your residence is within VASD boundaries with Dane County’s resource Access Dane.  *Call our office immediately if you find your new address is out of district.  We are happy to discuss the possible options available to continue attending VASD.
  2. Complete VASD-Change of Address form in its entirety if your move is within district boundaries.
    Haga clic aquí para completar el cambio dirección en español
  3. Upload a valid Proof of Residency.
    • Provide one of the following items:
      • Current Lease Agreement (must include terms/dates of lease) or Mortgage documentation.
      • Current Utility Bill (Gas, water, or electric ONLY and must be within last 45 days)
  4. Proof of residency must include the parent/guardian name as well as reflect the new address.

If you are unable to provide any of the above items, please contact the District Registration office at (608) 845-4360 or to further discuss your situation.

After review of your submission, VASD will update your address if the information submitted was deemed acceptable.  If follow-up is required, a staff member will contact you directly.  

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