National Board Certified Staff

Verona Area School District Recognizes Its National Board Certified Teachers…

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certificate measures a teacher's practice against high and rigorous standards. Measurements include an extensive series of performance-based assessments including teaching portfolios, student work samples, videotapes and thorough analyses of the candidates' classroom teaching and student learning.

In addition, there are written exercises that probe the depth of their subject-matter knowledge, as well as their understanding of how to teach those subjects to students.  The NBPTS certificate compliments, but does not replace, Wisconsin state licensure and is a professional certificate used to obtain a 10-year Master Educator license in the corresponding area and level.

Hats off to the Verona Area School District Nationally Certified Educators:

  • Lisa Ahner, Stoner Prairie Elementary
  • Julie Berndt, Verona Area High School
  • Carla Bonsignore, Core Knowledge Charter School
  • Melissa Bremmer, Glacier Edge Elementary
  • Debra Breunig, Verona Area High School
  • Amy Cartwright, Sugar Creek Elementary
  • Kathryn Collier, Verona Area School District
  • Angela Davis, Stoner Prairie Elementary Elementary
  • Kayleen DeWerd, Glacier Edge Elementary
  • Ramona Doberstein, Sugar Creek Elementary
  • Jennifer Faulkner, Badger Ridge Middle School/Core Knowledge Charter
  • Elizabeth Folberg, Stoner Prairie Elementary Elementary
  • Sarah Greenlaw, Verona Area International School
  • Sarah Grotsky, Badger Ridge Middle School/Core Knowledge Charter
  • Mary Hardin, Verona Area High School
  • Lindsay Herb, Glacier Edge Elementary
  • Teresa Hoffman, Sugar Creek Elementary
  • Kabby Hong, Verona Area High School
  • Michelle Klingbeil, Stoner Prairie Elementary
  • Andrew Kruger, Verona Area High School
  • Molly Kruger, Country View Elementary
  • Jennifer Kuehl, Savanna Oaks Middle School
  • Diana Lehnherr, Badger Ridge Middle School/Core Knowledge Charter
  • Kathryn Mohr, Glacier Edge Elementary
  • Kathryn Moldenhauer, Glacier Edge Elementary
  • Rita Mortenson, Verona Area High School
  • Amy Otis, Glacier Edge Elementary
  • Jessica Reed, Stoner Prairie Elementary 
  • Amy Schiefelbein, Stoner Prairie Elementary 
  • Kristina Springer, Glacier Edge Elementary
  • Jason Strauss, Verona Area High School
  • Beth Severson, Country View Elementary
  • Stephanie Symes, Savanna Oaks Middle School
  • Stacy Tremaine, Savanna Oaks Middle School
  • Teresa Voss, Verona Area High School

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