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Transportation FAQ's

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) VASD receives from families regarding yellow bus transportation:

Is my child eligible to ride a bus?

Yes, if determined eligible by the Verona Area School District's Administrative Rule 630: Student Transportation Services. Eligibility is largely based upon whether or not a student's residence is located within VASD school boundaries, is a certain distance from their school of attendant, and attends the school where they reside:

  • Kindergarten to 5th-grade students if they live 1.25 miles or more from their school
  • 6th-12th grade students if they live 2.0 miles or more from their school

Where can I find my child's transportation plan?

The District uses Infofinder to display bus route/stop/time information based on your home address. Once you pull up Infofinder on the VASD website, you will need to use the "search" function by entering your address; you may also select criteria for specific grade levels and schools. If you are in a busing area/qualified for busing based on your address, you will see the school listed along with the route name and stop times. 

If you feel that your child(ren) should be receiving bus transportation, but there is no stop associated with your address for your school of attendance, please reach out to First Student routing

When/how is transportation assigned?

Transportation routes for the 2023-24 school year are created/updated in early August by First Student. All students that are qualified for transportation (in the correct school attendance area, not within the walkzone) will be routed for transportation. 

Bus routes are based on students' primary addresses in PowerSchool. 

How are bus stop locations determined?

Bus stop locations are determined by the students located in a given area within the school boundary busing area. Stops are centrally located for all students, generally on an intersection corner, while keeping walking distances at or under .25mi for grades K-8, at or under .50mi for grades 9-12. Considering safety and distance from student addresses in a given area, bus stops are placed in a manner that provides efficiency in getting students to school in a timely manner. 

When are considerations made for changing bus stop locations? 

Considerations are made when a family has a change of address, which may result in a student going beyond .25mi or .50mi walking distance to a stop. Depending on the location, a bus stop location change may be necessary, as determined by the District and/or the contracted carrier. 

Why can't the bus stop at my house, rather than a group stop?

The District utilizes group stops to accommodate many eligible riders during the school year. Fewer stops and reduced stop frequency shorten ride times and decrease the possibility of an accident due to impatient motorists and bad weather, for example. 

Can my child be dropped off at child care after school?

Yes, as long as certain conditions are met. 

  1. There must be room on the bus. 
  2. The child care center must be located along an existing bus route. 
  3. The child care center will use an existing bus stop on a given route - a door-to-door stop will not be accommodated. 
  4. The child must be approved for transportation based on their home address. 

Alternate transportation requests should be made to First Student routing.

My child utilizes specialized transportation services, or is in 4K. Where can I find their transportation information? 

Specialized transportation and 4K bus routes are not uploaded into the Infofinder transportation tool. Case Managers/Early Childhood staff will reach out to families to relay transportation information prior to the start of the school year. 

Can my child use bus transportation, get dropped off at a different stop, or use a different bus route than in their approved transportation plan? 

Only students that have been routed and assigned to a bus route will be able to utilize bus transportation. Due to safety concerns, students will only be dropped off at their designated stop as routed. 

What is the maximum length of time for a bus route? 

While there is no set maximum length of time for a bus route, First Student strives to maintain bus routes at an hour or less. However, some routes may go over one hour, depending on the distance traveled, number of stops, etc. 

My address is located within the walk area for my child's school. Can I still get transportation? 

Following the Verona Area School District's Administrative Rule 630: Student Transportation Services, no exceptions will be made for students that reside in the designated walk area for a school.