• Boundary Maps 

    Note: The interactive map below is not as user-friendly on a mobile device, but can be accessed.

    •Check the boxes to the left of the map indicating which school(s) you desire to see on the interactive map.
    •Type your address in the top "address search box" field which will pin your address on the map.
    •A text box will appear on the map sharing what your elementary and middle school is and if you are in the walking zone for those schools. Click here to view board policy on walking zones. 
    •Note that a small number of students fell into a "grandfathering" category, meaning they will be attending a school that is NOT their new attendance area school per the new boundaries: 
    Click here to view Elementary School Attendance Area & Grandfathering Rules
    Click here to view Middle School Attendance Area & Phasing Rules

    Note: All VASD resident students are eligible to also apply to any of the charter schools in the district (Click on one to visit their website):

    Core Knowledge Charter School--K-8
    New Century School--K-5
    Verona Area International School (Mandarin Chinese Immersion School)--K-5

    If you have questions regarding changes with your upcoming 2020-2021 school and/or boundaries or feel you have received communications in error from a school, please contact our District Registration Office at 608-845-4360. 

    While we strive to make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our information, this information alone should not be relied upon for decisions such as purchasing or leasing a residence. All information is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed to be without error. The Verona Area School District assumes no responsibility for direct, indirect, special, consequential, exemplary or other damages. You can verify a property is within the school district boundaries by also checking the address on the Access Dane website. Select the "Address" quick search function and view the District information within search results.