• What is PBIS?

    Beyond the Basics

    An Introduction to our Culture of Learning:

    Tier 2 At Sugar Creek, we utilize PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) to encourage appropriate school behavior from our students. PBIS uses a strong universal curriculum (Tier 1) to teach expectations and recognize positive behaviors with acknowledgements such as Blue Tickets, School-Wide Celebrations, Golden Lunch Trays, and Principal Good News Phone Calls.

    When these supports are not sufficient, we provide other programming to meet student needs and promote success. These are our standard Tier 2 interventions that are meant to be preventative and proactive. These research-proven Tier 2 supports include:

    ● Check-In Check-Out (CICO)

    ● Social Academic Instructional Groups (SAIG)

    ● Mentoring CICO is the first step when students experience behavioral difficulties in the school environment. CICO is a positive experience where students are paired with a staff member and receive frequent feedback from their teachers on their performance and behavior.

    SAIGs are brief, small groups where students are re-taught Sugar Creek’s expectations via Cool Tools and role-playing.

    With Mentoring, a student will be paired with a staff member who will meet with, play with, and listen to the student. If school staff believe your child could benefit from any of these Tier 2 programs, you will be contacted.

    Sugar Creek staff work to support the success of all students, and it is important that parents are familiar with the proven strategies we use to help all children experience behavioral success at Sugar Creek. Please feel free to contact us (brownme@verona.k12.wi.us or kansteia@verona.k12.wi.us) with any questions or concerns.

    Introducción a Nuestra Cultura de Aprendizaje:

    Nivel 2 En Sugar Creek utilizamos las Intervenciones de Comportamiento Positivo y Apoyos (PBIS por sus siglas en inglés) con el propósito de motivar el comportamiento escolar positivo de nuestros estudiantes.

    PBIS utiliza un fuerte currículo universal (nivel 1) para enseñar las expectativas y reconocer los comportamientos positivos con reconocimientos como los boletos azules, celebraciones escolares, bandejas doradas y las llamadas de buenas noticias del director.

    Cuando estos apoyos no son suficientes, proveemos otra programación para apoyar las necesidades del estudiante y promover el éxito. Estas son nuestras intervenciones estandarizadas del Nivel 2 que están hechas para ser preventivas y proactivas. Estos apoyos investigados del Nivel 2 incluyen:

    · Plan de revisión de la conducta (CICO por sus siglas en inglés)

    · Grupos Sociales de Enseñanza Académica (SAIG)

    · Orientación CICO es el primer paso cuando los estudiantes experimentan dificultades de comportamiento en el ambiente escolar.

    CICO es una experiencia positiva en donde los estudiantes están emparejados con un miembro del personal y reciben retroalimentación frecuente por parte de sus maestros, en cuanto a su desempeño y comportamiento.

    SAIGs son grupos de enseñanza breves en donde a los estudiantes se les vuelven a enseñar las expectativas de Sugar Creek por medio de Herramientas Divertidas (Cool Tools) y modelaje (role-playing).

    Mientras se orienta, el estudiante puede estar emparejado con un adulto miembro del personal, quien tomará por lo menos 15 minutos por semana para reunirse con él/ella, jugar y escuchar al estudiante. Si su hijo(a) puede beneficiarse de cualquiera de estos programas del Nivel 2, se le notificará por teléfono. El personal del Sugar Creek trabaja para el éxito de todos los estudiantes y es importante que los padres/tutores estén familiarizados con las estrategias comprobadas que usamos para ayudar a que todos los niños experimenten éxito en área del comportamiento en Sugar Creek.

    Por favor no dude en llamarnos (brownme@verona.k12.wi.us o kansteia@verona.k12.wi.us) con cualquier pregunta o preocupación.

  • PBIS in the Home 

    Home Expectations A Family Activity

    At Sugar Creek, we use strategies from PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) to promote positive behaviors from our learners,

    and you can also use the same techniques at home!


    Throughout the year, teachers and administration take time to revisit our behavior expectations and remind students

    of the choices we expect of them.


    This is also something you can do, as a family! You will see one of the many expectations posters that are hung around our school.

    These posters give clear expectations and reminders so that students know what good choices to make.


    Also attached are blank posters, in a similar style, that you can use for different locations in your home. We encourage you to talk as a family about what respectful,

    responsible, and safe behaviors look like in those locations. Then you can hang the posters up, just like we do at school!

  • PBIS




    Mr. Todd Brunner

    Verona Area School District Sugar Creek Elementary School 420 Church Avenue

    Verona, WI 53593‐1803 Dear Mr. Brunner:

    Congratulations to the Sugar Creek Elementary School for your efforts in implementing an equitable, multi‐level system of supports! Creating a system that meets the needs of

    ALL students is rewarding work that takes the determination of many.


    Your school is recognized by the Wisconsin RtI Center and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) for your implementation in the following area(s):


    • Bronze level: Behavior


    Funded by the Wisconsin DPI, the Wisconsin RtI Center supports schools and districts by providing statewide training and technical assistance. Our mission is to build the capacity of

    Wisconsin schools to develop and sustain equitable, multi‐level systems of supports to ensure the success for all students.


    The center’s Recognized Schools program celebrates school progress in expanding, refining, and sustaining implementation of a system of supports for improved student outcomes. Schools are recognized

    at the bronze, silver, gold, or platinum level in the content areas of reading, mathematics, and behavior. Levels indicate the following work progress:

    • Bronze: At full implementation/fidelity in one content area at the universal level for at least one year
    • Silver: At full implementation/fidelity in one content area at the universal level for at least two years and at the selected level for at least one year
    • Gold: At full implementation/fidelity in two content areas at the universal and selected levels for at least two years with evidence of positive student outcomes and more equitable systems
    • Platinum: At full implementation/fidelity in all three content areas, at all three levels, and for at least three years with evidence of positive student outcomes and more equitable systems





    PO Box 7841, Madison, WI 53707‐7841 n 125 South Webster Street, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 266‐3390 n (800) 441‐4563 toll free n dpi.wi.gov


    Todd Brunner Page 2 6/12/2019


    The work you have done lays a solid foundation for the future expansion and refinement of your equitable, multi‐level system of supports.


    Your school will receive an award package as recognition for your efforts. In addition to this letter, your award includes a digital website badge, mention on the Wisconsin RtI Center’s website, and a kit to

    assist you in sharing these accomplishments. Award packages will be distributed at the PBIS Leadership Conference on August 13 and 14.

    For schools not in attendance, award packages will be mailed the following week.


    Once more, congratulations to you, your staff, and your students! We look forward to supporting you in your continued success and helping you ensure all your students graduate college and career ready.




    Barbara Van Haren, PhD Assistant State Superintendent Division for Learning Support

    Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction BVH:sh