• In 2021-2022, the new middle school boundaries go into effect for that year’s incoming 6th graders. In the fall of 2021, all incoming 6th graders and rising 7th graders will then attend middle school based on the new attendance area map. No current middle school student will change which middle school they attend unless their family moves to a different part of the District.

    In 2022-2023, the new middle school boundaries will apply to ALL middle schoolers. Incoming 6th graders will attend middle school according to the new boundary map. There will be no change in middle school for the then-existing 7th and 8th graders since the new attendance areas already took effect for those students when they entered 6th grade.

    Middle school students (grades 6 – 8) who move within the District for the 2021-22 school year will attend the middle school in the new middle school boundaries. If that move happens during the course of the school year, they may finish the school year at the school they started in. District transportation will not be provided. If the move places them in a new middle school attendance area, that placement takes effect at the start of the next school year.

    If your family is impacted by having student-siblings in two middle schools simultaneously in 2021-2022, we will allow your older student to transition to the middle school designated by the new attendance area map at the time their younger sibling enters middle school. The choice to transition is yours. 

    For families that decide to keep their students at separate middle schools, our middle school administrators will ensure, to the greatest degree possible, that school activities are scheduled to avoid conflict.