2023-2024 Open Enrollment Information

  • Public School Open Enrollment allows parents to apply for their children to attend public school in a school district other than the one in which they reside. The regular open enrollment application period for the 2023-24 school year is February 6 – April 28, 2023. Information regarding open enrollment, including the online application and other forms, can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) website at https://dpi.wi.gov/open-enrollment. You can also access paper applications from DPI's Forms webpage here. Although paper applications are made available, DPI strongly encourages parents to submit their applications online. Please call our Registration Office at (608) 845-4360 if you need assistance or the use of a computer to complete the online application. 

    For 2023-24, enrollment is projected to be at capacity for certain grade levels. Waitlists will be maintained by VASD for all grade levels. The Verona Area School District maintains a waiting list up to five(5) business days before the start of school. For the following grade levels, space is available as indicated below, thus waitlists will be created if application demand exceeds open seats.

    Grade Level     *Space Available 2023-24
     KG   0  
     1st   0  
    2nd    0  
    3rd    0  
    4th    0  
    5th    0  
    6th    0  
    7th    0  
    8th    0  
    9th    0  
    10th    0  
    11th    0  
    12th    3  

    Notice to Current VASD residents - Open Enrollment does not mean changing schools within the Verona Area School District

    The Open Enrollment application process is an option, however, not a guarantee for placement due to limited spaces. 

    If an IEP for a pupil is developed or revised after the pupil begins attending school in the nonresident school district, the nonresident school district may consider whether it has the special education and related services required in the IEP and whether it has space to provide them.  If not, the nonresident school district may notify the parent that the pupil must return to school in the resident school district.

Tuition Waiver Due to Move

  • If a pupil moves from one school district to another school district, the pupil’s resident school district changes as a result. In most cases, the pupil enrolls and attends school in the new resident school district. However, often the pupil wishes continue to attend the former school district. The pupil may do so under either a “tuition waiver due to a move” or public school open enrollment or both.

    For example, for a child who moves from District A to District B in October, a tuition waiver guarantees that the child may continue to attend District A for the remainder of that school year. However, the child may only continue to attend District A in future years if the pupil applies and is approved for open enrollment in District A.

    In some cases, the pupil may move from District A to District B and wants to attend school in District C. In this case, the pupil is not eligible for a tuition waiver and must apply for open enrollment. The pupil may either apply during the annual February-April application period in anticipation of the move or may apply at the time of the move using the alternative application procedure.

    Please click on one of the links below to access the Tuition Waiver Due to Move Applications 2022-23 School Year:




Open Enrollment/Tuition Waiver FAQs

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