• Acceptable Use Policy

    VASD Network User Agreement and Internet Safety Policy

    Acceptable Use Policy


    The Verona Area School District provides employees and students with access to the District's electronic communication system, which includes Internet access, as a means to enhance communication within the District, enhance productivity, and assist employees and students in improving their skills.  Access is also provided to assist in the sharing of information with the local community, including parents, social service agencies, government agencies, and businesses.  The Verona Area Board of Education (VABOE) has established an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to ensure appropriate use of these resources.  Access to the District's computer and electronic communication systems by employees, students, and others, requires adherence to this AUP and other District policies.  Violation of these policies may result in loss of the privilege of accessing these systems.


    The District's electronic communication system shall be used primarily for educational and administrative purposes and may not be used for commercial purposes, defined as offering or providing goods or services.   District acquisition policies shall be followed for District purchase of goods or services through these systems.  District employees and students may use the system to communicate with their elected representatives to express their opinion on political issues.  Users are responsible for complying with federal and state regulations, and other District policies, in their use of the District's computer and electronic communication systems.  Employees of the District must recognize that electronic files and communications may be electronic records subject to state open records requirements and they must take appropriate actions to maintain such records in compliance with state statutes.  Excerpts of the District's Network User Agreement and Internet Safety Policy are included in each student handbook and the complete Policy is posted on the District's web page. If parents object to having their child access the Internet, they must submit a written request that denies Internet access to their child (children).  Parents must submit this written request on a yearly basis.


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