• The mission of VASD is to ensure that Every student MUST be successful! Each of the nearly 5,700 students in our district is important to us, and we are committed to providing learning opportunities that put every student on a path to success.

    Who are our students?

    VASD embraces and celebrates the rich diversity of our student population. Families in our district speak 54 languages and nearly 20.5% of students live in two-language households.


    • 63.6% – White
    • 18.9% – Hispanic
    • 7.1% – Black
    • 5.3% – Multi-Racial
    • 4.5% – Asian
    • 0.6% – Other ethnicities

    Primary Language Spoken in Home

    • English –79.5%
    • Spanish – 15.4%
    • Hmong – .7%
    • Somali -- .5%
    • Chinese -- .4%
    • Other – 3.5%

    What opportunities do we afford our students?

    VASD educates students who are as unique and diverse in their interests as their backgrounds and heritage. We are proud of this diversity and strive to help every student develop their goals, passions, and natural talents. Skills as varied as singing, playing musical instruments, performance arts, cooking, knitting, aviation, photography, and many others have all been part of the learning experiences afforded to students in our district.

    Our students also have the opportunity to expand their learning well beyond the classroom walls. VASD’s students have performed for crowds at street festivals. They have gone to care facilities and visited with seniors to learn how the world has changed. They have had visits from senators and mayors, police and fire departments, advocacy groups, college representatives, veterans of the armed forces, and VASD alumni.

    These experiences are all carefully planned and designed to help them answer the very important question: WHAT DO I LOVE TO DO?

    VASD also provides the opportunity for students to participate and learn through our multilingual programs. The district offers dual-language programs in both Spanish and Chinese.

    Learn about our Multilingual Programs

    What do our students learn?

    At VASD we have talented staff and teachers who have written and continue to shape the curriculum taught in our schools. We have identified nine learning outcomes that shape our curriculum and are at the core of what we believe will help define the success of each and every student.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Access, Analyze, and Apply Information
    • Civic and Global Responsibility
    • Collaboration
    • Communicate Effectively
    • Creativity
    • Critical Thinking
    • Determination and Perseverance
    • Problem Solving
    • Self-awareness

    We live in a rapidly changing world. With access to technology more prevalent than it’s ever been and a workforce that is shifting, VASD prepares students to find success in the world. Our curriculum, strong emphasis on social and emotional well-being, and seamless integration of technology provide students with the tools and skills they will need in life.