• What is Access 4 Learning (A4L)?

    The Verona Area School District is a strong supporter of technology access for teaching and learning. On Monday, June 6, 2016, the Verona Area School District approved a proposal to provide an iPad for every student in the district, K-12. This commitment provides access to technology and resources for all students. This 1:1 program (1 iPad per student), also known as Access 4 Learning (A4L), is based on the following four tenets:

    • Personal - supports personalized learning
    • Equitable - provides all learners with access
    • Digital - high-quality resources and tools
    • Sustainable - a plan for continuity

    Access 4 Learning

  • I have concerns about too much screen time for my child. Suggestions?

  • Will the iPads have a web filter installed?

  • Will there be informational meetings for parents?

  • When will my child be able to bring their iPad home?

  • Will all students be able to take their iPad home?