• Volunteer Application and Background Check
  • The Verona Area School District is committed to not only seeking input and ideas from parents and community members but also invite you to volunteer for the many great things that are happening in our schools every day! Your involvement is needed for us to continue providing a high-quality school experience.

    Some volunteer positions require a background check for the safety of our students and staff (any volunteer position where a volunteer may be alone and unsupervised with a student).  Your school office will assist you in this online process if needed (this is per school district board policy 533.1).

    Volunteer Core Values and Expectations

    Volunteers will follow these expectations when supporting the Verona Area School district.

    • Sign in and out of the office and wear a visitor lanyard and/or sticker at all times.
    • Respect the privacy of all children by keeping observations, experiences, and information confidential.
    • Respond impartially to students regardless of background, ability, physical, or emotional needs.
    • Refrain from discussing a student’s progress or behavior with others.
    • Refrain from touching, recording, taking pictures of or reprimanding children.
    • Model positive behaviors by using respectful, encouraging, and appropriate language when speaking with adults and students; remain calm and respectful at all times.
    • Refrain from discriminatory actions, words, or gestures against students and staff.
    • Ask for assistance from a staff member when there are any questions or needs.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Listed below are regularly scheduled events and several other ways that parents and community members to get involved with the schools. We welcome you to attend these events and participate in the schools where you can.

    Below are a few suggestions on ways to become involved:

    • PTOs: They plan many events such as: Book Fairs, Open Houses, Movie Nights, Science Fairs, Staff Breakfasts, and fund educational activities and clubs, all of which help to make your school a GREAT place!
    • Classroom Assistants: Field trip support or "room parents" helping with a variety of support on any given day 
    • Library Assistants (sorting books or shelving, laminating projects)
    • Serving on a school-specific committee such as:
      • School's continuous improvement team
      • Personalized learning team
      • PTOs
    • Task-specific volunteers to help with things such as:
      • Book or science fairs
      • Art shows
      • School decorating
      • Math coaching
      • Reading books out loud to classes
      • Leading study groups with students
      • Lunchroom assistant (teaching little one's routines in the lunchroom)
      • Fundraisers (such as concession stands)
      • Assisting students at Natatorium (locker room dressing, etc.)
      • Serving as a guest speaker on career days or other events
      • Administrative/clerical support in the office (stuffing mailings,  answering phones, etc.)

    Contact your school for the options they offer!

    Volunteer Signup

    Volunteers need to complete a confidential background check prior to being approved to volunteer.  The background check can take up to 5 business days to run, so it's important to complete this form as soon as possible.  The background check remains on file for 3 years, allowing volunteers to remain active during this time (a new background check must be submitted every 3 years). 

    Please be aware, the background check link below requires a Social Security Number.  You can still be a volunteer if you do not have a Social Security Number.  Please contact Rachelle Hady (hadyr@verona.k12.wi.us) for assistance completing the background check without a Social Security Number.  

    Volunteer Application and Background Check