Welcome to Summer School 2023

    The Verona Area School District is committed to providing opportunities for a summer experience that is filled with academic exploration, enrichment experiences, and curricular reinforcement for all students. This year we have put together a vast course selection for all grade levels that will pique the interest of all learners.   

    Summer school will take place from Tuesday, June 20 - Friday, July 21 (No classes the week of July 3) from 8:00am-12:00pm each day.  Sugar Creek Elementary School will house all of the elementary (preK-5) courses.  Verona Area High School will house all of the middle/high school (6-12) courses.

    We look forward to working with you and your child. Enjoy your summer!

    Laura Marquardt, Elementary Summer School Site Principal

    Marlene Koch, Elementary Summer School Site Coordinator

    Cory Zimmerman, Middle/High School Site Principal

    Lesley Morrison, Middle/High School Site Coordinator



    Registration for all classes will open in April.  We will share more information about registration process when it is ready.  This year all students will register for classes using PowerSchool.  Elementary families received information about how to sign up for PowerSchool Family Access in February. If you need assistance please reach out to your child’s school office and the secretaries can assist you.  

    When you sign up you have the choice of registering for up to 2 classes, one in Session A (June 20-30) and one in Session B (July 10-21) OR 1 class in Session C (June 20-30 & July 10-21).

    Most courses can have between 20-30 students/per teacher.  Once a class is full, it will no longer show up as an option for registration.  Don’t worry, we have lots of great options and if your first choice is filled we know you will find another fun and engaging class for your child.


    If you have any questions or need assistance to register please contact:

    Laura Marquardt, Elementary Principal - 608-845-4126

    Marlene Koch, Elementary Coordinator - 608-845-4650

    Cory Zimmerman, Middle/ High School Principal - 608-653-1307

    Lesley Morrison, Middle/High School Coordinator - 608-653-1271

    Rhonda King, Middle/ High School Secretary - 608-653-1005 

    Translation Services - Sandra Kurzbuch 608-381-8593 / Nancy Carranza 608-354-9480