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Sugar Creek Elementary School

Principal: Todd Brunner

420 Church Avenue

Verona, WI 53593

Phone: (608) 845-4700

Fax: (608) 845-4720

School Supply List 2014-2015

Lista de útiles escolares 2014-2015

If You Want To Be a Reader"
Music Video


Article from the Verona Press on 1-to-1 iPad Classrooms at Sugar Creek



Sugar Day Music Video

Folks at Sugar Creek Elementary School, in Verona, Wisconsin, sing, dance and role play to celebrate positive behavior. Bullies beware!



Sugar Creek Newsletters


 Did you know that about Sugar Creek? 

Two-Way Immersion Program to begin!  Starting in 2013-14, Sugar Creek will offer 36 slots a year to incoming Kindergarteners for a fabulous learning opportunity:  to be educated daily in Spanish and English, with these three goals for students:  (1) Achieve a high level of proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in both English and Spanish; (2)  Attain academic achievement levels equal or exceeding state standards; (3)  Foster positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors throughout the school and community.

Parents interested in this option MUST contact our central office at 845-4306 or 845-4312 as soon as possible as slots will fill quickly.

School Prairie: Since 1997, Sugar Creek has been the home of the first school prairie in Wisconsin. Named The Children's Prairie, it is in the front of our school along Church Avenue and is cared for by students and teachers at Sugar Creek.

Bilingual Program: Since 2009, Sugar Creek has housed one of our district's K-3 mid-exit bilingual Spanish programs. Designed for students who are native speakers of Spanish, their first language is used as an asset to help them reach fluency in English. This program has enriched the lives of us all at Sugar Creek! You will hear the Pledge in both English and Spanish daily, a Spanish word of the day over the intercom, and find most all communications home in both languages. In addition, we have many Spanish-speaking staff including: two counselors, two secretaries, a psychologist, a educational assistant, a library assistant, a custodian, a bilingual resource teacher, a bilingual instructional assistant, a speech and language professional, an ESL teacher, a special education assistant, and many teachers.

Global Vision: Since 2009, Sugar Creek has been the only elementary school in Wisconsin to participate annually in the International Sunrise Program, sponsored by the Department of Public Instruction and Thailand's Ministry of Education. The highlight of the program is in the spring of each year when five students and a teacher from Thailand enroll in our school, live with our families, and learn about America. In addition, they present frequently to staff and students about the many cultural differences and similarities between our two nations. Benefits include:

  • increase students’ ability to communicate with others globally,
  • develop students’ understanding of citizenship (of their community, nation, and the world),
  • prepare students for future careers that quite likely will have global features,
  • provide students with real and quality cultural experiences, and
  • create in students a sense of understanding and respect across the boundaries of language, nationhood, religion, social status, and more.

Free Breakfast: Since 2009, we have been the first school in Dane County to provided free breakfast daily for all students (often in the classroom) if their parents so choose. The reality of our society today is that many children do not get enough to eat at home. Since implementing this program we have seen a marked decrease in trips to the nurse's office, fewer discipline issues in the morning, and, of course, fewer very hungry children. Little learning time is lost as breakfast often happens as students are preparing for their day, a teacher is reading, or another learning activity is occurring.

Fitchburg Connection: Since 2009, we have held annual summer events in the Allied Drive neighborhood to benefit our students who live there.  June events have included drinks, ice cream, and summer backpacks with free books. Each August we hold a Back to School Kick Off. In August, 2013, over 120 children and parents attended our event at the Boys and Girls Club! Class lists and bus route information are posted, pizza and free school supplies are provided, and many of our teachers, counselors, social worker, principal, and others, attend to meet and greet our students and parents.

Recess Before Lunch:  Since 2010, Sugar Creek has been the first Verona school to implement (at all grade levels) Recess Before Lunch (or "R B4 L"), which is recommended by the American Dietetic Association and the U.S. Department of Education.  Changes noticed since then at Sugar Creek include:  kids are eating more of their food, are eating more slowly, and are making healthier choices.  In addition, disciplinary issues at recess have fallen.  This major change came about through the active collaboration of educational assistants, cooks, custodians, teachers, and principal, and reflects our school's commitment to doing what is best for kids.

Positive Behavior and Interventions and Supports: Since 2010, Sugar Creek has been the first Verona school to implement PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.)  Explained elsewhere on our website, it is mandated by over 40 states in the nation. For us it has been a logical next step to all the great work our staff members continue to do around helping all kids find success in school.

iPads: Since 2012, Sugar Creek has been the first Verona school to have blended learning classrooms.  The students in FIFTEEN classrooms have been issued iPads to use at school, and their teachers work closely with our Educational Technology Coordinator on this exciting venture in mobile learning.  Please know that there have been opportunities for all students at Sugar Creek to use iPads, at their teachers' discretion. 

SMART Boards:  Since 2011, every single classroom (including our music and art classrooms) in our school has housed a SMART Board.  Our staff members actively sought out ways to obtain money for these through:  our own school budget, donations, and the generosity of our PTO.  In addition, teachers continue to attend highly sought-after SMART Board trainings which we hold right at Sugar Creek.

Building improvements:  Since 2011, Sugar Creek has been wireless.  In addition, we continue to improve the look and feel of our school.  Recent changes include:  tile flooring throughout our Kindergarten classrooms (in 2012), a climbing wall in our gym (in 2012),  remodeled student bathrooms, remodeled office spaces through out the building, replacing some paper towel dispensers with hand blowers, framed artwork in the halls, new landscaping as you enter our school and by our step room, wider sidewalks, handicap accessible parking, new black top, a remodeled gym storage room, new book shelves and marker boards for many classrooms, and new paint in our gym and halls.  We care about our school, and teach our students to care, too.

High Quality Teachers:  Our school district, and Sugar Creek, are highly sought-after destinations by well-trained teachers from all over the state and nation.  Each teacher vacancy in our school routinely receives 350-500 applications.  Our goal:  hire the best possible teachers for our students! 


What makes Sugar Creek

a great school...

Lo que hace a Sugar Creek

una gran escuela....

Location:  Verona's original elementary and a site of public education for nearly a century, we are in the heart of Verona.  We are located two blocks west of Miller's supermarket on Church Avenue. 

Our School:  Our student population is approximately 520.  We have a diverse student body, representing urban, suburban, and rural areas of Verona and Fitchburg.  We also house one of our district's two K-5 modified late exit bilingual programs for Spanish speaking students.

School Day:   Mondays we have late start, so the school day runs from 9:25-2:35.  Tuesday through Friday our day is from 7:45-2:35.

Staff: They are truly wonderful!  We have 80 professionals working in our building, in a variety of capacities.  Our turnover of staff is low, our teaching staff is among the most experienced in Verona, our absenteeism rate is low.  Of the professional educators at Sugar Creek many have received their Master's degrees!

Class Size:  We are a Wisconsin SAGE school, thus class sizes K-third are kept at 15-18 students to one educator.  Class sizes in fourth and fifth grades vary, but are currently about 24.  We offer both straight grades and multi-age instruction in grades 1-3.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Positive Behavior Support is a schoolwide prevention program targeted toward student behavior. It is research-based systems approach designed to help all students find success at school, and has been formally adopted by over 40 states, most recently Wisconsin.

PBIS at Sugar Creek focuses on our school expectations:

*Be Kind and Respectful
*Be a Problem Solver
*Be Responsible
*Be Safe

We also work to acknowledge those students who consistently model pro-social behavior.

Food Service: Sugar Creek serves both breakfast and lunch daily.  Breakfast is free to all.

After School/Before School Care: The Dane County YMCA offers quality programming at a reasonable charge. Their sessions are held in our cafeteria. Contact Lussier Family West YMCA (276-6606) for further information.

Academic Achievement: Our staff do formative and summative formal and informal assessment throughout the year. That said, no test defines a child - and it is our primary focus to develop all of our students into learners who are happy, well-adjusted, contributing members of our society.

Technology: Some of the technology we have in the building includes a computer lab with 25 stations that is available to all students, a Mac laptop cart with 31 laptops that is available and workstations in all of the classrooms for students to use throughout the day. We also have a computerized library circulation system and access to a variety of specialized tools including digital cameras, video cameras, eleven new (as of the 2009-2010 school year) SMART Boards (interactive whiteboards) and projectors for teacher and student use.

All of our third through fifth grade students will have a Technology enrichment class once every other week, which will directly connect to material covered in their library class.

Related Arts: Sugar Creek takes great pride in our art, music, and physical education classes, all taught by licensed professionals. Such an experiential approach to learning ensures that all children have a chance to explore their strengths.

Thanks to the concerted efforts of our parents, staff, and students, in recent years we have purchased two new pianos, a new kiln, and in-line skates!

Foreign Language: Spanish instruction, taught on site, is offered at a nominal cost through Futura Language Professionals, a private organization. Information is available in the office.

Recess: More and more research points to what we all knew as kids: recess is important. Students learn socialization techniques, give their brains a chance to recharge, and exercise. At Sugar Creek all students get a 20 minute morning or afternoon recess each day in addition to a 25 minute lunch recess. Recesses are closely supervised and we maintain a 50-to-1 ratio of students to adults, for safety.

CHAMPS: This is our popular student leadership activity which all of our fourth and fifth graders participate in on a monthly basis. Students choose a group, lead by staff members, around an area of interest and learn to develop their own leadership skills as it relates to this area.

Many of the CHAMPS groups in recent years have had a major focus on service, including:

  • Helping support our local food pantry
  • Train Kindergartners in recess behavior and games
  • Read to senior citizens
  • Knitting for new mothers
  • Supporting a veterinarian clinic
  • Computer cleaning in our school
  • School beautification

Math and Reading Support: Sugar Creek places a great deal of building resources into providing struggling students with extra math and reading services. We have a math teacher who meets with small groups of students each week to boost their skills and provide whole-class instruction and modeling for teachers.

Further, our reading teachers meet with small groups to provide targeted instruction both in and outside of the regular classroom. Our rule is that extra literacy support doesn't take the place of classroom instruction, but rather is in addition to it.

Most importantly, all of our teachers have received extensive staff development around balanced literacy, an approach which acknowledges that students learn in lots of different ways, and that no one approach is the panacea for all. Teachers build large literacy blocks, or periods of time, into their schedules.

Gifted and Talented: Good teaching means that all students are challenged to learn in the classroom. That said, there are several additional ways in which students at Sugar Creek can seek further educational experiences. Parental and/or teacher input is often used in nominating students for these activities.

Junior Great Books, for first through fifth graders, is an opportunity for students to meet with an adult in small groups and read and discuss a book together.

Wordmasters is a great chance for third through fifth graders to develop their vocabularies and compete.

The Yahara Writing Project is a chance for fifth grade students to participate in a Dane County student writing contest.

Continental Math, lead by a classroom teacher, is group of high-achieving math students who meet to develop their interest in mathematics.

The Dane County Math Meet is a chance for fifth grade students who excel at math to come together in a math competition.

Kids’ Choice Book Group is made up of high achieving readers and critical thinkers. Members of this book group, who self-select themselves, read different titles and come together for discussions around character, plot, problem/solution, theme and diversity.

Ubicación: Sugar Creek fue la primera escuela primaria de Verona y un lugar/recinto en que se ha impartido educación pública por más de un siglo. La escuela está localizada en el centro de la ciudad de Verona, dos cuadras al oeste del supermercado Miller’s en Church Street.

Nuestra escuela: La población estudiantil de Sugar Creek es de aproximadamente 520 alumnos. Tenemos un alumnado diverso, el cual representa las áreas urbanas, suburbanas y rurales de Verona y Fitchburg. Además, albergamos uno de los dos programas bilingües de Preescolar de 5 años a 3° grado, de finalización/salida tardía modificada (modified late exit bilingual program) del distrito para estudiantes hispano-hablantes.

Horario de clases: Todos los lunes, la escuela comienza más tarde, iniciando las clases a las 9:25 de la mañana para terminar a las 2:35 de la tarde. El horario correspondiente al resto de la semana, de martes a viernes, es de 7:45 de la mañana a 2:35 de la tarde.

Personal escolar: Tenemos un personal realmente extraordinario. Contamos con un cuerpo docente de 80 profesionales que desempeñan su labor en disciplinas/áreas variadas. Nuestra rotación de personal es baja al igual que su tasa de ausencias; además, tenemos el personal más experimentado/preparado del distrito de Verona. Muchos de los educadores profesionales de Sugar Creek han obtenido una maestría.

Número de estudiantes/clase: Sugar Creek participa en el programa Student Achievement Guarantee in Education (SAGE) del Estado de Wisconsin. Para cumplir con las regulaciones del mismo, las aulas de clase correspondientes desde el preescolar  de 5 años hasta el tercer grado deben tener solamente 18 estudiantes por maestro. En los niveles de grado 4º y 5º, el número de estudiantes es variable, pero actualmente tenemos aproximadamente 24 alumnos por maestro. Ofrecemos aulas de un solo grado o de multiedad en los niveles de primaria (1º - 3º).

Programa de Intervención y Apoyo a la Conducta Positiva (Positive Behavior Intervention Support/PBIS):

El programa de Apoyo a la Conducta Positiva ha sido incorporado a la escuela como un mecanismo de prevención de la conducta negativa que promueva el comportamiento positivo. El programa se basa en el estudio de un sistema diseñado específicamente para ayudar a los alumnos a lograr el éxito escolar; éste ha sido adoptado formalmente por más de 40 estados y recientemente por el estado de Wisconsin.

En Sugar Creek, el programa de PBIS se centra en cuatro expectativas de conducta:

*Ser amable y respetuoso
*Resolver/solucionar problemas
*Ser responsable
*Estar/sentirse seguro

También, se hace un reconocimiento a los alumnos que muestren una conducta consistente mejorando sus habilidades sociales y cumpliendo los reglamentos escolares.

Servicios de Comida Escolar: Sugar Creek sirve/ofrece desayuno y almuerzo todos los días.

Programa de Cuidado para Después de la Escuela (After-School Child Care): La organización YMCA de Madison ofrece un programa para después de la escuela todos los días a partir de cuando terminan las clases hasta las 5:45 de la tarde y también los lunes cuando el horario de clases empieza más tarde (Late Start Mondays).Este se lleva a cabo en la cafeteria de la escuela. Para obtener más información llame a la oficina de Lussier Family West YMCA en Madison al 276-6606.

Rendimiento/Desempeño Académico: A lo largo del año escolar, el personal de Sugar Creek conduce/hace evaluaciones formativas y aditivas a los estudiantes, de carácter formal e informal. Se sobreentiende que ninguna evaluación define al alumno/a completamente, por lo que nuestro objetivo primordial, en la escuela, es ayudar a todos los estudiantes a que crezcan y se desarrollen en su aprendizaje sintiéndose contentos, equilibrados y siendo entes contribuyentes de nuestra sociedad.

Tecnología: En Sugar Creek hemos incorporado el uso de equipo tecnológico y como ejemplo tenemos nuestro laboratorio de computadoras con 25 terminales de trabajo y el cual está disponible a todos los alumnos durante el día escolar; además, contamos con un carrito ambulante de 31computadoras portátiles/laptop Mac y con unidades de trabajo en todas las aulas de clase. También, en Sugar Creek utilizamos un sistema de circulación bibliotecario computarizado y hay acceso a una variedad de equipos especializados: cámaras digitales, videocámaras, pizarras interactivas/SMART Boards  y proyectores en todas las aulas para uso de maestros y alumnos.

Todos los estudiantes de 3º, 4º y 5º grado participan en un programa de aprovechamiento tecnológico/ Technology enrichment program para mejorar sus conocimientos en esta área para lo que se reúnen una vez cada dos semanas; el material cubierto se relaciona/conecta directamente con el currículo de su su clase sobre recursos/uso de la biblioteca.

Arte y Otras Asignaturas: En Sugar Creek estamos muy orgullosos de nuestras clases de arte, música y educación física, todas enseñadas/impartidas por profesionales certificados o con licencia para ser maestros. Nuestro enfoque del aprendizaje asegura que todos los estudiantes tengan la oportunidad de explorar sus fortalezas/destrezas.

Gracias al esfuerzo de padres, personal y estudiantes, en años recientes, hemos comprado dos pianos nuevos, un nuevo horno para cerámica (kiln), reemplazado las alfombras del gimnasio y comprado patines (in-line skates).

Idiomas: Ofrecemos clases de español, en Sugar Creek, por un bajo costo (simbólico) a través del programa Futura Language Professionals, una organización privada. Puede obtener más información en la oficina de la escuela.

Recreo: Cada vez más los trabajos/estudios de investigación señalan y demuestran lo que ya todos sabemos desde que éramos niños: la importancia del recreo. Durante el mismo, los estudiantes aprenden técnicas de socialización, tienen la oportunidad de despejar la mente y recargarla, además de hacer ejercicios. Cada día, en Sugar Creek todos los estudiantes tienen un recreo de 20 minutos ya sea en la mañana o por la tarde; también, tienen un recreo de 25 minutos antes del almuerzo. Como medida de seguridad durante los recreos supervisamos muy atentamente a los alumnos manteniendo una proporción de 50 estudiantes por 1 adulto.

CHAMPS (Children Have And Model Positive Peer Skills) – Campeones: Esta popular actividad mensual, les ofrece oportunidades de liderazgo a todos los estudiantes de cuarto y quinto grado que participan de la misma. Los estudiantes escogen un grupo de su interés y trabajan bajo la guía de un miembro del personal. Ellos aprenden a desarrollar habilidades y técnicas de liderazgo que se relacionen con su área de interés.

En años recientes, muchos de los grupos CHAMPS han centrado su trabajo en proyectos de servicios en la comunidad, tales como los siguientes:

  • Apoyo/asistencia en la despensa familiar local
  • Entrenamiento a los niños de preescolar de 5 años/kindergarten sobre la conducta apropiada en el recreo y juegos
  • Lectura para ancianos/personas de la tercera edad
  • Labores de tejido para madres primerizas
  • Apoyo/asistencia en una clínica veterinaria
  • Limpieza de computadoras escolares

Embellecimiento de la escuela

Apoyo en Matemáticas y Lectura: Sugar Creek invierte muchos de sus recursos en proveer ayuda y servicios de apoyo adicional en las matemáticas y la lectura a los alumnos que lo necesiten. Los estudiantes se reúnen semanalmente en grupos pequeños con un maestro de matemáticas certificado para ayudarles a desarrollar y mejorar sus habilidades.

Además, los maestros de lectura se reúnen con grupos pequeños de alumnos para ofrecerles instrucción específica fuera y dentro del aula. Nuestra regla, en Sugar Creek, es que el apoyo extra en la alfabetización/lectoescritura nunca reemplace la instrucción que se realiza dentro del salón de clases, sino más bien que sirva como complemento adicional.

Lo más importante es que todos nuestros maestros han recibido un extenso entrenamiento profesional sobre alfabetización balanceada, un sistema que reconoce las distintas formas de aprendizaje de los alumnos y admite que no hay ningún método de enseñanza que sea la panacea (solución/remedio universal) para todos. Los maestros tienen bloques de larga duración, periodos de tiempo, de alfabetización o lectoescritura en sus horarios.

Alumnos superdotados y talentosos: Una buena enseñanza implica que al estudiante, en el aula, se le rete/desafíe en su aprendizaje. En base a lo dicho, hay varios modos en que los alumnos de Sugar Creek pueden ampliar sus experiencias educativas. A menudo, la información/opinión provista por parte de maestros y padres sobre un alumno determina que él/ella sea nominado para participar en alguna(s) de las siguientes actividades o programas:

Junior Great Books” es un programa que le brinda al estudiante (de 1° a 5° grado) la oportunidad de reunirse para leer un libro conjuntamente con un adulto y un pequeño grupo de alumnos para luego comentarlo después de haberlo leído.

Wordmasters” es un programa que ofrece una gran oportunidad a los alumnos participantes (de 3º a 5º grado) para desarrollar su vocabulario e incluso participar en competencias a nivel nacional.

The Yahara Writing Project” es un programa de redacción/escritura que les da a los estudiantes de 5º grado, la oportunidad de participar en un concurso para autores estudiantes del condado de Dane.

Continental Math League (CML)” - Liga de matemáticas – es un grupo de estudiantes con destreza matemática muy avanzada y que se reúnen con el maestro/a encargado para desarrollar su interés en las matemáticas.

“Dane County Math Meet” - Competencia de matemáticas del condado de Dane es una oportunidad para estudiantes (de 5º grado) sobresalientes en matemáticas de participar y reunirse en un concurso de matemáticas.

Kid’s Choice Book Group” integrado por un grupo de alumnos muy avanzados en la lectura y capaces de hacer un análisis crítico. Los miembros de este club o grupo de lectura, por selección propia, leen diferentes libros y después se reúnen para dialogar sobre los personajes, la trama/el argumento, el problema/la solución, el tema y la diversidad.


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