How will VASD manage personalized learning plans?

The Verona Area School District adopted an application for managing personal learning plans, or PLPs. It is called Epiphany Learning. Epiphany Learning will follow each student throughout their years as a student in the Verona Area School District.

In Epiphany Learning, students will be able to:

*create and update their learner profile
*reflect on strengths and struggles
*review personal assessment data
*reflect on progress and set goals
*document learning pathways and link them to academic standards

Staff are provided with access to Epiphany after completion of the two foundational courses, the 5 W's of Personalized Learning and the Introduction to the VASD PLP. Site PL coaches work with staff to get started on using Epiphany. In time, parents/guardians will also be able to log in via a parent portal.

A few screenshots from Epiphany


struggles example