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The Verona Area School District has served generations of students since our first school was built in 1918. Since that time, our community has experienced significant growth and development. The District has grown by over 600 resident students since our last school opened in 2006. As we prepare to educate a projected 1,529 additional students by 2030, we are focused on a comprehensive K-12 facilities plan that:
  •  Manages current crowding and projected growth

  • Provides safe, accessible, and flexible educational spaces

  • Addresses maintenance needs to keep buildings operating efficiently  

  • Offers a long-term solution for students, staff, and community

  • Reflects the input and priorities of our community

For nearly a decade, the Board of Education has been evaluating district growth.  Now, after two years of intensive study, planning and input from our community, the Board has authorized an April 2017 referendum that presents to voters a comprehensive K-12 facilities plan addressing the District’s current needs, projected growth and educational goals.

Residents will have the opportunity to vote on two related facilities questions and one operational question.  Click here to review the three ballot questions.

Decade of Studies/Projections 
Leading up to the April 4, 2017 Referendum, there are various pieces of data that have assisted the board in preparing for this growth (see Facilities Planning Background for additional information):

• Community Growth & Projections Study
• School Enrollment Projections
• Facilities & Capacity Study

2015 Land Referendum
Due to the growth projections listed above, Fitchburg and Verona residents were asked in April, 2015 to vote on acquiring appropriate, available land for future schools. Click here for details on the land referendum.

For questions regarding referendum tax impact or other finance-related items, contact Chris Murphy at or 608-845-4330. For general referendum questions or upcoming informational presentations, contact Kelly Kloepping at  or 608-845-4337.

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