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Country View Elementary - School Board Recognition Monday, May 18, 2015


Ava Wierzba – Second Grade – Nominated by Classroom Teachers: Katy Esch and Ashley Maring
Ava Wierzba is a shining learner who has transformed into the most hardworking, lovable, focused, and motivated role model. Ava overcomes all her challenges as a learner by using persistence and a growth mindset. Her dedication to growing her education and academic skills has continued to impress Mrs. Maring and Mrs. Esch. They are proud of Ava's growing confidence and ownership of her strengths and challenges as a multi-age learner. Ava's sweet personality, kind heart and smiles help all Country View kids feel welcome. Ava embraces all learners and works hard to demonstrate generosity each day.

She truly is a one of a kind shining star!

Audrey Stoez (said Stays) – Fourth Grade – Nominated by classroom teacher Kari Vidlock and Phy Ed Teacher Andrew Riley
Ms. Stoez - what a pleasure it is to tell this entire room about your GREATNESS!
Your greatness is evident in your academics but shines the brightest in your interactions with others. You are a walking example of the greatness goals that we work on at school daily.

First up...Persistence -
The amount of persistence that you apply to your learning is encouraging to your teachers and your classmates. You continue to select the most challenging groups to work with and are constantly asking questions to further your own learning. As you hear Ms. Vidlock say daily, when you are are learning the most! Thank you for being a shining example of taking positive risks with your learning!

Next...Reflection -
Your honest reflection of yourself as a learner is motivating for others to be more honest with themselves. You have the ability to isolate a possible road block, make a plan, implement the plan and move forward. Your ability to reflect is a desired trait for all of us!

Last....Generosity - The way you seek out the best in your classmates is something to be recognized. Time and time again, you put others before yourself. Your thoughtfulness may not always be loudly recognized, but it does not go unnoticed. This character trait summarizes your greatness. You put others before yourself, always...with no exceptions. You amaze, daily!

Corron Williams – First Grade – Nominated by classroom teachers Molly Lawry and Michelle Lindauer
Corron Williams has worked hard this year to become a learner. School was hard for him last year and at the start of this school year, but he showed persistence and has achieved great learning goals this year! Corron is reading everything he can get his hands on as well as the words around the school. He is starting to make connections to school and building life-long relationships.  This is an example of a recent writing journal entry: " Do you know I like school?  I like school because it is fun. I like to read. I like to do math.  I like to go to school. I like to go to field trips." When encountering something hard, Corron wants to try and figure it out on his own. When stuck on something he will usually say, "Don't tell me. I can do it!"

Rock on, Corron! We are so proud of the greatness you have achieved and the greatness your future holds. Kid, you can move mountains!

LaShondra (lah-shawn-drah) Shackerford – Kindergarten – Nominated by Phy Ed Teacher Andrew Riley
LaShondra has already made her greatness known throughout Country View, despite the fact that this is only her first year as a Wildcat! From the moment I first met her at the doors to my gym in September, I knew I was lucky to be able have a model learner like LaShondra in one of my classes. She is the type of learner that instantly stands out to any staff member or parent as a positive influence on her peers, a confident leader, and a model learner.

Whether she is in the gym, the lunchroom, or her classroom, LaShondra exhibits the type of confidence and curiosity that a teacher can only dream of. Her peers look up to her as someone who is constantly making the right choices and as a friend who will help them be successful in whatever endeavor they set out on during the school day. LaShondra has high expectations for herself, but she doesn’t let failure deter her from reaching her goals in any way.
She absolutely enjoys taking risks and going outside of her comfort zone in order to become a more successful and well-rounded learner. The best example that comes to mind is during our gymnastics unit during the beginning of the school-year.

Walking on the balance beam? “That’s too easy, Mr. Riley, can I try a cartwheel dismount?”

Climbing to the Kindergarten level knot on the climbing rope? Check.
2nd grade level? Check. 4th grade level? Check.

Vaulting onto the horse and just standing up?
After her first attempt she asked, “Can I just vault OVER the horse instead? I know I can do this if I try!”

Right after school on the last day of gymnastics, I contacted LaShondra’s parents to compliment their little gymnast. To my surprise, she had no experience with any gymnastics related activity, besides, of course, flying off the living room furniture.

LaShondra is the learner that all teachers dream of. She makes us earn our positions by challenging us to look for new and more challenging goals for her to accomplish.

Her positive influence is also very easily seen in the way she interacts with her peers. She is caring and responsive to their opinions, ideas, and needs. In group activities, she meets her group mates with a huge smile and a desire to learn. When she may be at a higher skill level than others, she offers herself as a resource to make them more skilled. When she may be at a lower level than others, she is inquisitive and hungry to improve.

We are all extremely proud of you and your greatness, LaShondra!
Haikus in honor of 3rd grade student Narumi Bakke

Skilled Narumi Artistic and Talented Embraces Challenge

Narumi always

Soft-spoken and reflective Well-liked by others

Strives to do her best Ambassador of Japan A Gift to the World

Narumi’s teachers admire her dedication to learning. Not only does she attend third grade at Country View, Narumi also attends Japanese school every Saturday. In this school she continues to learn to read, write, and do academics in Japanese.

Narumi embraces challenges, and does not quit, even when the academic work is very challenging.
Peyton Jeske – Fifth Grade – Nominated by Phy Ed Teacher Andrew Riley

Peyton is the type of student that epitomizes greatness within the halls and classrooms of Country View Elementary. She is the student that makes you happy to be at the outside doors in the morning because she is the injection of kindness and energy everyone needs to start the school day. Her selflessness and cooperation with her peers is evident throughout the day and although she may not take notice to all that she does each day, her teachers certainly do. Immediately following her nomination for this recognition, my email inbox was flooded with other staff members sharing their affirmation of all that Peyton does for our school community.

The most evident greatness traits that Peyton exudes while in the gym are compassion and cooperation. She is the first to assist peers in activities that they may struggle with, all on her own accord. Peyton doesn't hesitate to make other learners feel more comfortable or included because she deeply cares about everyone she interacts with within our Country View community.

Besides myself and the custodial staff, she also takes the most initiative to make sure our gym space stays clean and well maintained for her peers and future Wildcats. After hearing me discuss scuffs on our new gym floor and how I wanted to rearrange some items in our equipment room, she took the initiative to create a small team of classmates who volunteered some of their time during the week to help me maintain our activity and equipment space. Not only did she create the team, but she is proud of the work they perform. Peyton holds her crew accountable and even decided it was necessary to downsize her team when their volunteer time seemed to become less productive.

Lastly, I’d like to acknowledge her ability to reflect. When asked how she could be more successful in a given task, she’s not the student to stare back at you looking for you to answer your own question. She’s the type of learner that is conscious enough to think about her approach to a problem and reevaluate her approach. That is a greatness trait that will, no doubt, lead Peyton to be even more successful as she moves on to her middle school career.

Peyton, all that you do at Country View is greatly appreciated and widely noticed. Speaking for more teachers than just myself, we say congratulations and we will miss all you bring to our school as you move on to greater tasks ahead!
Stoner Prairie Elementary School Student Julie Teixeira

Julia Teixeira - Ms. Cook 5th Grade
Julia is a safety patroller who assists with breakfast in the morning. She is always early for her post and excited to help out in any way that she can. She has helped greatly with our new procedure of having second and third grade students pick up their breakfast in the lunchroom on their way to class in the mornings.
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