Student Nutritional Guidelines

Verona Area School District  458-Rule(1) 



Lunch/Breakfast Program 
.  The full meal program will continue to follow all USDA requirements applicable to the schools, 
   including government nutrition standards. 
.  The Hot Lunch/Breakfast provider will be expected to make every effort to follow the District 
   Nutrition Standards when determining the items in a la carte sales. 
.  A la carte items that do not meet the District Nutrition Standards may be acceptable for student 
   consumption within moderation (i.e. limit quantity sold to an individual student). 
.  A la carte items that do not meet the District Nutrition Standards may be acceptable when offered 
   on an intermittent basis. 

Lunchroom Climate 
.  A lunchroom environment that provides students with a relaxed, enjoyable climate should be 
.  It is encouraged that the lunchroom environment be a place where students have: 
-  Adequate space to eat and pleasant surroundings; 
-  Adequate time for meals (the School Nutrition Association recommends at least 20 
   minutes for lunch from the time they are seated) 
-  Convenient access to hand-washing facilities before meals. Elementary classrooms are 
   encouraged to provide wipes or access to soap and water. Middle and high school students 
   should have access to hand cleansing stations as they enter the lunch lines. 

Healthy Food Choices at School Functions
Healthy food choice options should be available at any school function (parties, celebrations, feasts, 
sporting events, etc.). Some suggested foods are listed below: 

.   Raw vegetable sticks/slices with low-fat dressing or yogurt dip 
.   Fresh fruit and 100% fruit juices 
.   Frozen fruit juice pops 
.   Dried fruits (raisins, banana chips, etc.)
.   Low-fat meats and cheese sandwiches (use low-fat mayonnaise in chicken and tuna salads) 
.   Party mix (variety of cereals, pretzels, etc.) 
.   Low sodium crackers 
.   Baked corn chips & fat-free potato chips with salsa and low-fat dips (Ranch, French onion, bean, 
.   Low-fat muffins, granola bars and cookies 
.   Angel food and sponge cake 
.   Flavored yogurt & fruit parfaits 
.   Jell-O and low-fat pudding cups 
.   Low-fat ice creams, frozen yogurts, sherbets 
.   Low-fat and skim milk products 
.   Pure ice cold water 

Fundraising Activities and Concessions 
Any fundraising requires administrative approval. To create a school environment that supports the 
promotion of healthy food and beverage choices for children, it is important to consider all venues where food and beverages are consumed or sold. The following recommendations are made to promote healthy choices for children related to fundraising activities and concessions supported by the school: 

.   Offer only non-food items as the items that raise funds such as books, gift-wrap, candles, plants, 
    flowers, school promotional items, etc. 
.   Whenever food and beverages are sold that raise funds for the school include at least some healthy 
    food choices. 
-  All fundraising projects are encouraged to follow the District Nutrition Standards. 
-  All fundraising projects for sale and consumption within and prior to the instructional day will be expected to make every effort to follow the District Nutrition Standards when determining the items being sold. 
-  Items being sold that do not meet the District Nutrition Standards may be acceptable for student consumption within moderation (i.e. limit quantity sold to an individual student).  
-  Items being sold that do not meet the District Nutrition Standards may be acceptable when offered on an intermittent basis. 
.   Organizations operating concessions at school functions should include at least some healthy options at a lower profit margin to encourage selection by students.

Learning Incentives 
The use of foods of minimal nutritional value as learning incentives should be kept to a minimum and 
healthy food choices or non-food items should be substituted. “Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value”, as defined by USDA, include: 

.   Soda Water -any carbonated beverage (even water). No product shall be excluded from this definition because it contains discrete nutrients added to the food such as vitamins, minerals, and protein. 
.   Water Ices -any frozen, sweetened water such as "..sicles" and flavored ice with the exception of products that contain fruit or fruit juice. 
.   Chewing Gum -any flavored products from natural or synthetic gums and other ingredients that form an insoluble mass for chewing. 
.   Certain Candies -any processed foods made predominately from sweeteners or artificial sweeteners with a variety of minor ingredients. 
.   Hard Candy -A product made predominately from sugar (sucrose) and corn syrup that may be flavored and colored, is characterized by a hard, brittle texture and includes such items as sour balls, lollipops, fruit balls, candy sticks, starlight mints, after dinner mints, jawbreakers, sugar wafers, rock candy, cinnamon candies, breath mints and cough drops. 

Parent Nutrition Education 
.   The goal will be to provide K-12 nutrition education for parents. 

.   Nutrition education may be provided in the form of handouts, postings on the District website, or 
presentations that focus on nutritional value and healthy lifestyles. 

Verona Area School District Nutrition Committee 
The District-Wide Nutrition Committee shall consist of the following membership:
.   District Food Service Director/Assistant Director 
.   Dietician /Nurse 
.   Parent representative from each school level 
.   Student representative 
.   Staff member representative 
.   Administrative Representative, Co-Chair 
.   Physical Education and Health Program Leader, Co-Chair 

It is recommended that the committee meet a minimum of twice annually. 

APPROVED: April 17, 2006 

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