Badger Ridge Middle School - December 16, 2013

Badger Ridge Middle School Student Recognition
School Board Meeting Monday, December 16, 2013


Colleen Quinn-2 Empower U House
The 2 Empower U House would like to nominate Colleen Quinn for recognition by the Verona 
School Board. Colleen is a stellar scholar. She is a conscientious student who always strives to do her best. Colleen truly enjoys learning and consistently goes above and beyond to master new concepts and complete quality work. This is evident in the amount of time Colleen spends outside of school to complete assignments. In the classroom, Colleen is focused and participates thoughtfully. In sixth grade there are many opportunities to work in groups, and Colleen shines as a leader in these situations. We are pleased to recommend Colleen for this recognition.

Joanna Mena-62 Achieve House
The 62 Achieve House would like to nominate Joanna Mena for recognition by the Verona Area School Board. Joanna is an excellent student. She works above and beyond on making sure she understands the concepts and producing high quality assignments. Even though Joanna has a busy extracurricular schedule, she puts in extra time on her studies. She is a model student. In addition to being an outstanding student, she is cheerful and kind. She greets us each day with a smile. It is our pleasure to nominate Joanna.

Meghan Samz- 62 Explore House
Meghan is an extremely conscientious and hardworking student. She cares about her peers and is willing to help others who are in need. She makes positive choices and leads through 
example. She also has a great sense of humor. Her humor lightens the mood of the classroom, and her peers enjoy her company. Meghan enjoys reading and uses this to independently explore the content in a deeper manner. She is willing to share this knowledge with her teachers and peers. We are proud to nominate Meghan as a diligent leader, role model, and student in our classes.

Nicole Phelps-72 EGM House
Most 7th grade girls are focused on doing well on their school work and pursuing an activity or two. Make no mistake, Nicole Phelps is NOT “most 7th grade girls”! To be sure, Nikki is very focused on her school work (which she does exceptionally well) and her extracurricular 
activities. But what sets Nikki apart is that she knows what her goal for the future is, and she initiates getting to it. Nikki wants to be a vet. She told us that on the first day of school. Her parents concur saying that she’s known that for a long time. To that end, she registered herself for Expanding Your Horizons, a UW math/science conference for middle school girls. As we understand it, she simply told her parents that all she needed was a check…she’d taken care of everything else! We, her house teachers, see in Nikki a dynamic learner, already initiating the steps for her future success as a compassionate contributor to society. We’re cheering for her every step of the way!

Riley Scheer-74 Discovery House
Pleasant, polite, helpful, artistic, self-advocate, hard worker, reader, positive, master collaborator, good-natured, writer, responsible, future scientist, determined, warrior-like! This is just some of what describes 7th grade Discovery student Riley Scheer. However, it is the responsibility trait that Riley has really turned around from 6th to 7th grade. As a 6th grader, she struggled to complete all of her work and turn it in on time. She started 7th grade determined to change that and as of December, we are celebrating with Riley as she has already succeeded in reaching that goal. We know that Riley’s positive attitude, warrior-like behaviors, responsibility and determination will help her in becoming the “ist” (geneticist, geologist, anthropologist, chemist, and physicist) that she sets her sights on. We are excited to see all that Riley will accomplish and offer to this world!

Denisa Ramseier-82 Represent House
Denisa's teachers would like to acknowledge not only her academic achievement but her 
motivation and internal drive for success. When we met Denisa on the first day of school, it was obvious that she wanted to maintain her high grades. It was also obvious that Denisa was going to put her strongest foot forward in meeting new people and getting involved in the activities at Badger Ridge! Denisa is a member of our talented school drama club and is also a member of the 8th grade choir. She has set high goals and expectations for herself, and she works hard to make it happen! You deserve this honor, Denisa! Congratulations!

Stephen Lund-84 Pizzazz House
The 84-PIZZAZZ team wants to recognize Stephen Lund. Stephen is a positive role model and leader for all of his peers. He is inclusive in helping out anyone who he sees struggling without hesitation. He demonstrates excellent school spirit by participating enthusiastically in school activities. In addition to his positive peer social influence, he is a strong academic student who is a highly motivated critical thinker. This scholar’s positive influence isn’t restricted to his school environment. He volunteers at the food pantry stacking shelves, collecting food, and requesting donations from family and friends. He is a student leader at his temple where he helps organize social activities. We are fortunate to have Stephen in our house and are proud to recognize him for all of his accomplishments. 

Kambui Clements (Bui)-Student Council
Bui is a warrior. He has gained the respect of the scholars and educators at Badger Ridge and
has risen to the title of Student Council President. Like no other candidate, his platform for
student council president included a fundraising initiative for a spring walkathon. Bui is a strong role model and an advocate for his peers. More than once, Bui has been the voice of reason for his friends and fellow scholars. On and off the basketball court he leads by example. Bui is an awesome young man who has a positive impact on all who know him! If you mention Bui’s name to anyone, everyone will not only know to whom you are referring, but will immediately have a smile form on their faces. His confident, calming swag has made him into a dynamic young leader.
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