Verona Area High School - May 19, 2014

VAHS Student Nominations for Board Recognition May 19, 2014 


Yeli Chaparro, nominated by Sarah Domres(Spanish Translated)
Yeli has been part of Student Council this year. What is interesting about Yeli is that she can't make meetings because of the time of day BUT she is so reliable and helpful with everything we do. I've never come to her and been turned down. She works with the Children's Carnival booth and even volunteered to get a pie in the face to raise money for cancer. This was far outside her comfort zone but she did it anyway. Also, in AP Psych the material is very challenging, but she never gives up and always has a positive attitude.

Claudia Cruz Castillo,nominated by Julie Jenewein (Spanish Translated)
Claudia began at VAHS taking all ELL courses and is currently enrolled in all non-ELL courses. She has participated in the PEOPLE program through UW Madison and hopes to become a nurse so that she can give back to others.

Carolyn Hasselkus, nominated by Andrew Larson
This amazing student is worthy for many reasons. First and foremost she is a positive factor in keeping our learning environments safe, respectful, and intellectual. Carolyn comes to class each and every day with a positive attitude--she helps students and staff members to make
learning personal and relevant. Secondly, Carolyn works above and beyond required duties. For example, she expands on her writing assignments going into magnificent detail. Finally, along with all of these items--she is an amazing artist-she created visuals for the Ancient
Civilizations class that went WAY ABOVE and BEYOND even the A expectations were. She is exemplary of PERSONALIZED LEARNING--she shows that there are no ceilings in the rubric--she grows beyond expectations.

Abbie Homan, nominated by Sarah Domres
Abbie has really risen to the challenge as Student Council President this year. She has been extremely active as a leader for the past four years as well. This year she is trying new things, helping people move outside their comfort zones as leaders, finding alternate methods of communication, etc. She has also been extremely reliable and I never have to double check her work. I am just really impressed as I've watched her grow in her
leadership over four years. She has always given back to others and that should be recognized.

Jacob Kellen, nominated by Rita Mortenson & Jody Witte-Davis
Four years ago, as a new freshmen in our big school, Jake went out of his way to ask if there were any volunteer opportunities he could get involved with. Even back then, he was thinking of others and not just himself. Throughout his high school career, Jake joined student council and was active in a variety of things. In fact, when Jake was talking about his
accomplishments, he shared a google spreadsheet in which he had 140 entries of times he had volunteered. In addition to volunteering, many of the things that is appreciated about Jake is his great sense of humor, his ability to always follow through and communicate, and his optimistic attitude. Jake is very organized, dedicated and optimistic about the things he is passionate about. This fall Jake shared his passion for helping others and giving back at the American Family Children's Hospital. He said "I wanted to give back to the doctors and nurses that have done so much for me throughout the years that I've been there receiving care.” With so many things that pull at the time commitments of young adults in high school, we think it is commendable that Jake continues to think of others first. We could not think of a more deserving student for thisrecognition.

Jaclyn Kermicle, nominated by Judy Georgeson
Jaclyn is one of VAHS’ “quiet heroes.” As a mentor in the Joyful Noise adaptive music course for the past three years, Jaclyn exhibited not only the qualities of an excellent student (exuberant, committed, focused, organized, fully engaged) but also the qualities of an excellent human being (ultimate compassion, cooperative and respectful, warm and kind, helpful even if it’s hard.) She never balks at a challenge and meets each experience - really each second of existence - with hope and joy. Jaclyn has become an advocate for the “exceptional students” within the larger VAHS community. They know they have a true friend in her and seek her out. She has taught me more than a few things about
relationships. Jaclyn will probably not be one of the “heard of” scholars, musicians, athletes, or other celebrated students in our school, but I would hold her up with the best of them all. I am a better teacher for having had Jaclyn Kermicle as a student.

Pheng Lo, nominated by Julie Jenewein (Hmong Translated)
Pheng moved to the United States almost 10 years ago from Tak refugee camp in Thailand. I have never met a more cheerful, hard-working young woman in my 15 years of teaching. Learning to understand, speak, read and write English is very challenging, yet Pheng continually pushes herself to improve. In addition to her academic successes, she often shares with us her pride in Hmong culture through Hmong dance at the Cultural Arts
Celebration and by playing the Qeej, a Hmong musical instrument.

Araceli Moreno, nominated by Karin Clark (Spanish Translated)
Ari is a natural leader. She has become a mentor and strong voice for the College Club students who are just entering the program. Ari is not only committed to ending her high school career with the highest grades she can achieve, but also to being a tremendous model for our younger students by being a speaker, a TA and a volunteer for events that need support and student presence. Ari is known by the ELL programs for being an excellent childcare provider who has a way with children and is able to communicate with parents in both English and Spanish. Araceli has dreams for her future and we are convinced she will achieve them.

Antonio Rhames, nominated by Karin Clark
Antonio is a stellar student with aspirations to attend a four year university followed no doubt by graduate school. He challenges himself with rigorous coursework and is currently in AP Language, College Algebra and Spanish 4. This young man has already received acceptance letters from UW LaCrosse, UW Platteville, UW Whitewater and Northern Illinois University. If you are looking for Antonio throughout the school day, it is a good bet you will find him in the LMC or the College Club office studying for a test or working on homework with a friend. This is a young man to watch as he moves forward in life.

Leah Sinner, nominated by Megan Wenn
I have knowing Leah for several years. Last year she was the first Prostart one student on the competing team. This year she's competing for the second year in a row and as a senior, and student leader. I have also had the honor to work with Leah in the food drive. Her directorship role was instrumental in the success of the food drive!
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