Verona Area International School - March 24, 2014

VAIS School Board Recognition

Monday, March 24, 2014



Eligius Andres (Kindergarten)

Eli has made wonderful progress this year in reading. He is enthusiastic about reading and it has taken him far. His confidence in reading grows every day. He is also a kind friend to all of his classmates, making sure everyone is involved and feels welcome in all activities. In addition, Eli has showed continuous growth in math operations and problem solving skills. He is also a passionate and diligent learner in Chinese. He loves to learn about the language and culture every day, becoming more and more open-minded as a global citizen.

Graciella Caulkins-Feltz:

Graciella is making great progress every day in math with her curiosity and diligence. She is a very active learner in Chinese who listens carefully, participates well and shows great interest in the language and Chinese culture. Graciella is very kind to everyone; she is always there with a smile to help a friend. She is very eager to learn new things and loves sharing what she knows.

Forrest Oakley (1st grade)

We would like to honor Forrest Oakley for his outstanding citizenship and academic responsibility.  Socially, Forrest’s quiet, calm nature could easily be interpreted as shyness.  Don’t let his gentle nature fool you!  Forrest moves through life with a humble confidence.  His curious nature and sense of empathy have earned him the respect and admiration from both peers and faculty members within the VAIS community. Academically, Forrest goes above and beyond. His thirst for knowledge, and natural tendency to compare new information with his current understandings, enable him to generate meaningful connections between the two. Forrest is a self-motivated learner. He frequently reads non-fiction books and eagerly relays interesting facts to his friends and his teacher.  Additionally, we admire Forrest’s eagerness to try new things in school -especially when writing!  He is quick to “test out” new writing strategies, which have been modeled during instruction, and he does so quite successfully. He also loves trying to speak in Chinese and we enjoy looking at his Chinese puppet show with his friends. We are blessed to walk along beside Forrest on his educational journey. Way to go, Forrest!

Aimika (ay-mi-ka) Ketilson (1st grade)

We are proud to honor Aimika (ay-mi-ka) Ketilson for her tremendous contributions to our learning community.  Aimika is a ball of positive energy and is greatly admired by both her peers and her teachers. Her quick thinking and creativity allow Aimika to lead and problem-solve during classroom activities.   Daily, she energizes her classmates by cheerfully leading educational songs during transitions from one activity to another.  She is quick to see the needs of others and respectfully lends a helping hand.  Aimika pays close attention to detail in every aspect of the word.  She is organized, always completes assignments to the best of her ability and cheerfully helps to take care of our school materials.   Her organizational skills, and attention to detail, help Aimika demonstrate academic excellence.  We love listening, as Aimika reads her latest writing project to us. Whether it is fictional or a non-fictional piece, Aimika creatively relates her thinking through the art of writing.  Lastly, Aimika has an impressive skill to pick up Chinese language and we are amazed when she perfectly sings a whole Chinese song after hearing it once or twice. We are thankful to observe and guide Aimika as she explores her talents and the world around her.   Congratulations, Aimika!

Justine Cieslak (2nd grade)

We honor Justine Cieslak this evening.  Justine bravely entered our Chinese immersion program this school year!  Her friendly, gentle, inquisitive nature, contributes to our learning environment daily.  She possesses a thirst for learning and independently seeks out needed information. We enjoy her independent thinking and ability to stimulate discussions.  She thinks deeply about our discussions and sometimes comes in the next day to talk further about a previous conversation.  For example, the day after a brief introduction to prefixes, Justine mentioned that she and her dad talked more about the origin of words at home!  

Justine excels in all areas of study and we are proud to “walk next to her” during her search for knowledge!  Congratulations, Justine!

Adam Zak (2nd grade)


We delight to honor Adam Zak!  Adam thoroughly engages his mind when completing any task in the classroom.  He uses his time wisely to maximize his learning in the classroom environment. He is a true role model in every sense of the word.  Beginning with himself, he strives to enhance learning behavior of those in our classroom community.   Adam’s consideration and quiet humor have, deservedly, earned the respect from all those in our school community!  We celebrate Adam and his exceptional citizenship this evening. Way to go Adam!


Christian Stuart (2nd grade)


It is easy to honor Christian Stuart, as he so respectfully honors those around him!  Christian begins each day with a cheerful hello to those he encounters.  His positive attitude is contagious; therefore, he is an ideal collaborative learning partner. Christian cares deeply about our school community and diligently strives to enhance the learning within.  

Christian excels in academics and regularly connects learning at school with his many experiences outside the school environment.  He is a history buff and reading enthusiasts. Because of this, he contributes to conversations by both sharing and generating thought-provoking questions.  We honor the many contributions that Christian presents to his community this evening. Congratulations, Christian!

Erik Stuart (4th grade)

We would like to recognize Erik as he consistently demonstrates academic and citizenship excellence.  He is the first to give a helping hand and uses his resourcefulness to assist anyone in need.  Erik’s advanced ability and earnest efforts in school serve him well as he excels in reading, writing, math, and Chinese.  He has a real knack for organizing his thoughts and transferring them in written communication whether he is writing an essay, journal entry, or entertaining with fictional tales.  Erik also takes an active role in progressing his knowledge of Chinese and often leisurely engages in conversation with his lăoshī.  Erik’s unique kindness and leadership skills leave a lasting impression that touches the heart.

Madeline Andres (3rd grade)

Maddie is being recognized for her exemplar citizenship and consistent efforts in academics.  Maddie takes great pride and consistently demonstrates excellent work ethic in all academic areas.  Her writing continues to improve as she stays persistent in making revisions and applying new writing strategies to her compositions.  Maddie also has developed excellent math fact fluency and continues to show growth in problem solving.  Maddie is a friendly and respectful classmate who brings a smile to everyone around her!

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