Savanna Oaks Middle School - June 2, 2014

Board of Education Scholar Bios Savanna Oaks


Daniel Young: Daniel has been a universally respected student from the moment he started at Savanna Oaks.  His teachers are delighted to finally be able to acknowledge his academic achievement and grit.  Over the past two and a half years, Daniel has maintained an enviable consistency with his grades (he maintains a 3.5 grade point average). Daniel is the oldest of 5 siblings and carries a lot of responsibility with chores and being a good role model for his younger brother and sisters at home. He likes to dance (most recently, hip hop) and plans to go to college. His favorite classes include: orchestra (where he plays violin), math,phy ed and science. Daniel also hopes to run track this spring, as his mother, a frequent inspiration for his success, once did. His teachers say that Daniel is a “quiet leader and rarely off task; he doesn’t give up when he doesn’t understand something.”  Daniel is a great advocate for himself and has genuine concern for his learning.  He is also well-liked by his peers and just fun to be around.  We appreciate this terrific scholar and look forward to his continued success in the future.


Goshang Vang: Goshang would like to be a doctor someday which would be the world of medicine’s gain.  At Savanna Oaks, Goshang is wonderful about working with all students, including those who need help.  She has excellent study skills and does what it takes to understand difficult concepts, whether that means asking friends or teachers for help or asking questions.  She credits her mother and father for her success as they are “wonderful parents” and help her whenever she needs it.  Each year, she participates in Hmong dance for the Cultural Arts show.  She has been involved in volleyball as well as student council and yearbook over the years.  Her teachers consider Goshang to be extremely intelligent and an example of that is her 3.6 cumulative grade point average.   She also has big goals, which include going to college and getting her degree.  We are very proud to honor Goshang today.

Mary Zunker: Mary is not the first in her family to be honored by the Board of Education but she is a standout student in her own right.  With a 3.9 cumulative grade point average and a desire to go to college and become a nurse someday, Mary has added something positive to every class she participates in.  In the words of her teachers, “Mary is often sought out to help re-teach concepts to other students and ALWAYS helps.”   Her teachers add, “Mary goes above and beyond to get as much out of class as she can…a true leader in the classroom.”   In her spare time, Mary enjoys figure skating and track and field.  She has also volunteered at an animal rescue facility and a nursing home.  We will miss Mary’s contributions to our school and wish her well in the coming years.


Fernanda Alayo-Cordova: Fernanda has “endless potential” according to her teachers.  At school, she is well respected by peers and teachers alike and will help out anyone in class.  To quote part of Fernanda’s personal strategy for success: “Do things yourself, because success can’t come to you…you have to reach success (by being) responsible and independent.”  This philosophy is evident in her enviable 3.9 cumulative grade point average.  Fernanda’s favorite classes are math and KFC (kids, food and cooking).  She hopes to be a fashion designer someday and attend Parsons, a University in New York.  In her free moments, Fernanda is involved in volleyball and volunteering at the Fitchburg library in the summer.  She also has helped at a church on the weekends.  She has certainly helped us at Savanna Oaks over the years and we commend her for her contributions and academic excellence.


Deoveon “Dee Dee” Randle:  Dee Dee, as she is known to her teachers and classmates, is a true success story.  As Dee Dee tells it, ”I’ve gone through a lot in my life.”  What makes Dee Dee so special is how she has become a more effective student each year to the point that her Habits of Learning grades for the past quarter averaged 4.0 (this after she worked so hard to make it over a 2.9 plateau for all of 6th grade).  This has definitely helped Dee Dee to pull her cumulative grade point average up to the “B” range this year.  She credits her adoptive mother, Sonia (a school instructor), for being both a “loving and caring” woman.  She is also one of a select few Savanna Oaks students to be participating in the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority’s Emerging Young Leaders program.  Dee Dee is tremendously active in school activities (including basketball, volleyball, one act plays, forensics) and after school volunteering (with the Africa Feast, Dream Bikes, as well as helping to distribute food to the homeless and picking up trash in the community).  She plans to take her exemplary work ethic and enthusiasm to become the first in her immediate family to graduate from college and get a law degree.  We know Dee Dee can do it.


Lorenzo Fountain: Lorenzo came to Savanna Oaks in 7th grade and has made quite a mark since that time.  He has his sights set on attending a top medical school and becoming a radiologist, which is reflected in his love of math and science classes at school and his cumulative grade point average of 3.5.  Lorenzo also enjoys phy ed class and is active in both Verona baseball and martial arts training outside of school, having earned a 1st degree black belt to this point.  Lorenzo is currently pushing himself by doing an extension STEM project for science and tech, and his teacher commends him because  he “enjoys learning and helping others (to) understand concepts.”  In Math, “Lorenzo has tackled new concepts with grit; when he doesn’t understand an idea, he does not give up – he continues to ask questions and get more information.”  At home, Lorenzo says, he was “always pushed…to be successful…to do things the right way.”  Lorenzo makes a fine addition to our Board of Education scholar recognition list.

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