Core Knowledge Charter School - June 2, 2014

Core Knowledge Charter School Board Recognition - June 2nd, 2014


Grade 1 – Nomination Mrs. Morgan
Annalice Dalebroux is a positive role model to her peers. She has a wonderful attitude 
and works very hard. She is friendly and very helpful to others. She is a pleasure to teach.

Grade 1 – nominated by Mrs. Blevins 
Nori Ehlenbach for being an outstanding role model to her peers. She always put forth 
her best effort in academic areas and she is a model of strong character on a consistent 
basis. Finally, she is self motivated and wants to be the best she can be.

Grade 2 – nominated by Stacey Simatic
Hannah Jabas for her work in math this year. Hannah was able to move up a whole level 
in math because of her hard work and dedication, spending time outside of school 
working on new concepts and taking the initiative. She has maintained a high average on 
her lessons and tests throughout and is a pleasure to have in class. I admire her 
motivation and hard work!

Mrs. Bie’s Class (Grade 3): 
Paige Lambe-Paige has attended CKCS since Kindergarten and is in Mrs. Bie’s
homeroom. She is a pleasure to have in class. I admire how kind Paige is to everyone 
and her great attitude each day. Paige is very accepting of all people and situations. She 
works really hard each day in all her classes and does excellent work. Paige is a 
wonderful role model for our school.

Mrs. Thompson’s Class (Grade 3):
Benjamin Mast-Benjamin joined CKCS this year and is in Mrs. Thompson’s homeroom. 
He is a positive peer model. He has worked diligently to receive high scores in classes 
that are above grade level. He is helpful to his peers and teachers. He thinks creatively 
and is an excellent addition to our school.

Grade 4 – Nominated by Ms. Childers
Xander Carter is a very positive student. He follows classroom/school rules and 
encourages others to do the same. He is an excellent teacher's helper and I appreciate his 
efforts. He has a wonderful attitude and he remains optimistic even if things are difficult. 
He is respectful to all adults and also to his peers. I also appreciate Xander's creative side, 
he thinks outside the box!

Nominated by Ashley Tarkenton
Luka DiMaggio (Grade 6) for his dedication and persistence with regard to improving 
his math skills. He is very eager to learn and to move ahead. He has challenged himself 
this year by using all the resources available to move ahead in his class. He also spends 
time outside of school working on ALEKs to improve his skills. His passion for learning 
does not stop with math. In fact, he is infinitely more passionate about social studies and 
his wealth of knowledge in this area is incredible. Overall, Luka is one of the most eager 
earners I have encountered as an educator.

Nominated by Ashley Tarkenton
Bryan Lopez (Grade 7) for the remarkable improvement he has shown since entering 
middle school. Since I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan so closely over the 
last two years, I can really speak to the improvement he has shown both academically and 
personally. Bryan puts forth tremendous effort to ensure that he not only achieves good 
grades, but also that he understands the material he is learning. It is wonderful to see a 
student who does not solely care about a grade, but also where these grades come from. I 
have heard Bryan say "I am doing good in science- I'm getting a B, but I don't understand 
what we're doing now- can I check in with Mr. Killeen?" Bryan has also shown 
remarkable improvement with regard to his behavior and attitude. This year, Bryan is 
more happy, energetic, respectful, and ready to learn. Moreover, Bryan's attitude is 
contagious; he has a significant impact on the overall energy in a room and has the ability 
to bring out the best in those around him.

Grade 6 – nominated by Jen Faulkner
Ollie Gauthier is a 6th grade student at CKCS. He is a natural leader, in and out of the 
classroom. Ollie takes on a lead role in the classroom activities that we do. He does a 
nice job of doing his best, while bringing out the best in others. He knows how to work 
with a group, without taking it over. He helps others to see all that they are capable 
of. Ollie is the first to volunteer to help, regardless of the task and he is always willing to 
work with other students. Ollie does what is right, even if others are not. Ollie has a great 
sense of humor and I thoroughly enjoy having him in my class. I know that Ollie will do 
great things one day ~ in fact, he already is.

Grade 7 Nominated by Carla Bonsignore 
Yasmarie Diaz - It is obvious that Yasmarie Diaz places great value on her education. 
She is hard-working and committed in everything she does. She shows initiative and 
responsibility in all of her classes. Not only does she excel in her academics, but she also 
excels in teamwork and being a good friend. Yasmarie is someone who can be counted 
on, who will always show kindness, and who has a very bright future!

Mr. Stousland –
Jalen Hayes (Grade 8). Jalen has grown a lot over the two years that I have known him. 
He has learned many “life lessons” and has accepted the challenge of “high expectations” 
that I have placed upon him along with his parents. He was nominated, and attended, the 
Urban League’s Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Recognition Breakfast. Jalen has 
taken steps this school year to make himself a better student and a better person. One can 
often find Jalen with a smile on his face and a spring in his step, which is infectious with 
his peers. The high expectations do not stop over the summer and over the next four 
years…I will be watching! 
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