Badger Ridge Middle School - May 21, 2012


ChiKiah Cole - We would like to nominate sixth grader, ChiKiah Cole, for recognition by the Verona Area School district board. ChiKiah is a hard working student with a positive attitude. She strives to do her very best in all of her academic pursuits. One of ChiKiahsʼs strengths is math; her participation and leadership in class serve as a great example for her peers. Although all subjects may not come as easily to ChiKiah as math, Chikiah perseveres, works through difficulties, and always attempts to turn in quality work.  Amongst her peers, Chikiah serves as a strong role model. She consistently encourages her friends to work hard in school and make positive choices.

Jamison Huseth - The teachers of 64-RClub are pleased to recognize 6th grader Jamison Huseth for his dedication toward his academics, school, and helping his peers. Jamison has an incredible ability and work ethic. His performance in class is simply outstanding. Jamison is a member of the student council. He does a terrific job of asking for input and keeping his peers informed about topics the council covers. Jamison recently represented Badger Ridge at the 5th and 6th grade math meet helping the team earn a high finish. As Market CEO for our Money Unit, Jamison has been an integral part of helping his peers organize successful markets. Congratulations on a very successful sixth grade year!

Alankrit Shatadal - Alankrit is an outstanding 7th grade student. She is the epitome of an independent, self-motivated thinker and produces excellent, above and beyond work in all of her classes. Alankrit’s mind is in constant motion—she is a walking, talking thesaurus and avid writer in language arts, a producer of additional articles and resources in social studies, and a designer of challenging problems in math. She is both a model lab student and Moodle student in science, where she is tackling every online learning opportunity and searching for interactive websites to share with her classmates. Alankrit’s learning continues after school as she participates on the Badger Ridge Science Olympiad Team and competes in the middle school math meets. Her leadership skills are also evident as she was elected by her classmates to be their student council representative and serves as Badger Ridge’s Student Council Secretary. We, her house teachers, look forward to seeing, hearing and reading about what Alankrit Shatadal will contribute to this world.

Christine Shelton - Christine Shelton is the epitome of the stunning maturation that often happens in 7th grade. When we (her house teachers) met her in September, Christine was an excellent student albeit quiet and unassuming. Her work was well done and accurately. She was friendly, polite, and studious.  Fast forward to second semester! Christine has grown into an inquisitive learner, going well beyond the standard assignment expectations. She initiates questions, brings new and extended knowledge to discussions, and “pokes around” on her own to find answers to questions that we can’t answer.  But our greatest compliments go to Christine’s blossoming leadership. We have watched her deliberately draw others into the group. We’ve noticed how peers come to her for assistance knowing she will cheerfully and patiently help them. We see how she has created a warm and inviting aura that causes her classmates to like, trust and respect her.  We congratulate this terrific young lady! 

Kennedy Harris is a 7th grader who has come so far in his work ethic and attitude in school. He has become a hard worker with a great attitude who has read 25 books over the last 12 months and continues to push himself each and every day! Kennedy is the Reading program’s Nook expert. He never enjoyed reading until this year when he discovered the NOOK. He loves to read on the Nook, shows the students and our reading coaches how to use them, and has improved his reading greatly because of this new technology. He should be so proud of his improvement and efforts!

Pablo Xelhua Garcia -  In the past ten years of the Read 180 programPablo is the only student who has ever read over 55 books in 4 months!  What an incredible work ethic! He is reading a book every two days and is always looking for more. He is a native Spanish speaker who has improved his skills at an impressive rate. He always has a good attitude, always has a book in his hand (and all over his bedroom according to his mom), and is an inspiration to all who learn to speak and read English as a second language. He is proof that hard work pays off. He should be so proud of what he has done this year.

Alexis Alt is an all around excellent student.  When we say "all around," we mean it!  You're in a special category, which Alexis is the at the top of,  when you can maintain outstanding grades and be a National Gymnastics competitor!  Alexis is dedicated to being a high achieving student, a musician, and a competitive gymnast.  Her positive attitude is infectious - even when it's just through a smile!  She is kind, sincere, and determined.  We're proud to have Alexis being recognized by the Verona Area School Board for the second year in a row.  She deserves the applause!  Congratulations, Alexis!! 

Ian Birschbach - The 84 PIZZAZZ house this year has many outstanding, caring 8th grade students. That being said, the teachers would like to recognize Ian Birschbach. Ian is a hard working, conscientious student who consistently hands in all work completed at a superior quality. He exhibits higher level thinking skills, and is a creative and talented writer.  Even more important, Ian is inclusive. He works with all levels of students, respecting their input and taking the time to explain complicated concepts to students who have difficulty understanding them.  He recently had a bout of bad luck and broke his leg at baseball practice. He is taking this in stride and adapting to his new disability, and he displays his positive attitude despite it. 

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