Glacier Edge Elementary School - June 4, 2012


Katie Martinez-Lagunas
Katie comes to class with a smile everyday and is prepared and organized. Katie is a sweet girl that will do anything for anyone. This year she volunteered to come in every morning recess to read with a 1st grade struggling student. She is very dedicated to any task she is given. It was a joy having Katie as a student and wish every student could follow her positive example. 

Mizael Portillo-Esparza
There are many occasions where student groups are brought together for kids to work on problem solving, getting along, or to build new bridges with friends.  Mizael has been consistently suggested by teachers as a student to participate as a role model, a person who would include others or someone who would take an extra minute to show a new student around or make sure they were sitting with someone at lunch.  Mizael has an open and accepting way about him which has helped make GE a warmer place for all students. 

Kirstin Poppen
Kirstin Poppen  has a heart of gold!  She is the first to welcome a new student or help a friend in need.  Not only does she put the needs of others before her own, but she always strives to do her personal best.  Kirstin's hard work and dedication helped her to achieve top scores in Continental Math League (rating in the top 5 % for the entire nation), Word Masters (also top 5%)and Junior Great Books.  Kirstin is not only a dear friend to all of her classmates, but a positive leader for those around her.  We are so proud of her hard work and achievements!

Isabel Becker
Isabel possesses a love and desire for drawing that inspires everyone around her. She accesses her outstanding visual memory to recreate familiar stories or to generate her own characters and storyline. Her passion for drawing can be seen throughout her day as she seeks to fill every available opportunity with her creations. Her attention to detail continues to amaze everyone around her. Isabel makes our classroom and school a beautiful place with her love of drawing and color and always her smile. We are grateful to have had Isabel as part of our GE community and look forward to seeing her future as an artist. !

Evan Patton
Evan brings a smile to Glacier Edge through his desire to perform for others. His inspiration comes from his love for the musical performers Imagination Movers and The Wiggles. His most critically acclaimed performances are a reenactment of The Big Red Car by the Wiggles and his own creation of, simply titled, The Evan Show. Evan also enjoys performing his air guitar moves and golf swing which are all-time favorite amongst the students of GE. We are proud to have Evan as part of our GE family and appreciate the smiles and joy he brings to the environment.

Lilly Hauski
Lilly is a wonderful student.  Not only does she always try her hardest, but she is also a fantastic friend.  Lilly is quick to welcome new students to the school, and those that don't have anyone to play with.  She is consistently kind and positive in every situation. She is a great example to others around her."

Garrett Dahlk
Garrett came to Glacier Edge and joined our fifth grade class in January of this year. You would never know that he barely knew anyone before then. Garrett made friends quickly and easily with his quick wit, great sense of humor and of course treating everyone with the utmost respect. Every single day Garrett goes out of his way to be the best friend he can be to all of his classmates. He makes them feel important and he allows each and every one of them to be themselves around him. 

Anna Knueve
Anna Knueve is a delightful young lady with a heart of gold! She is always smiling and willing to help a classmate. Anna continually strives for excellence in her school work. She is a fantastic role model for all students. It is such a joy and pleasure to have such an example of genuine kindness and respect at Glacier Edge. Congratulations Anna for being you; an amazing student and friend.

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