Stoner Prairie - October 22, 2012


Beginning this school year, Fitchburg Area Community Television and Stoner Prairie Elementary school have started a collaborative partnership called “Stoner Prairie Video Production” which involves students creating a designed newscast showcasing our school and community. This month a core group of 4th and 5th grade students are learning how to use equipment, capture footage, edit footage, and create a finished newscast. The finished newscast will be shown on both our school website and FACTV's educational channel. To access the newscast on our school website, click on the tab on the left side called FACTV and Stoner Prairie Productions.

At the end of the month, this core group will be traveling to the studio to create the newscast. Each month, new students will be invited to participate in this after-school opportunity on either a Monday or Wednesday afternoon.   Stay tuned for the upcoming newscast!

Stoner Prairie Elementary School would like to recognize the following 10 students for helping to start Stoner Prairie Video Productions and for being positive leaders:

Elizabeth Newberry recently published a cartoon named Jinx on Toontastic. She is also a superstar on the online math practice program Manga High. Elizabeth is tuned in to classroom dynamics and is proving herself to be a leader. She loves to read and makes an effort to get out of her comfort zone and challenge herself as a learner.

Ammar Smiri enjoys making movie trailers. His most recent trailer, an advertisement of the PALs homework club, is on the class website. Ammar is upbeat and positive as he interacts with others. He is working hard to complete homework and to be responsible so that he can extend his creative energy to contribute to the school community.

Max Beardsley has an ear for a drumbeat and for words and language. He plays the drums and is currently working to master "When I Come Around" by Green day. In class he listens very closely during read aloud and enjoys learning, and often suggesting, the class word of the day. Max enjoys humor and creativity. He advocates for himself in order to pursue his interests.

Evan Peterson has gotten off to a great beginning of the school year! He is very inquisitive and has a wide variety of interests. A main focus of his seems to be in the area of technology. He has displayed a keen aptitude for math and science. Evan loves to work with computers and is always quick to offer trouble-shooting advice when problems arise.

Jordan Armstrong has proven herself to be an outstanding leader in the fifth grade! The subjects of reading and math are her most obvious strengths, while demonstrating strong abilities in all other subject areas as well. Jordan is interested in helping out in any way she can around school, whether it be in the classroom, on the playground, or as a member of the Safety Patrol. She is very involved in sports and has displayed true leadership qualities in all of her endeavors.

Zakery Morrison is energetic and enthusiastic. He is kind to his peers and likes to help others. He is very excited about the chance to work with Stoner Prairie Video Productions. He brings strong background knowledge to his work in the content areas, and that knowledge will benefit his video team.

Olivia Ingrisano is a 5th grader who has shown great leadership this fall. She possesses a strong work ethic with a willingness to help others when needed. She has shown a true desire to challenge herself as a learner and was very excited about the opportunity to show leadership through both Safety Patrol and the FACTV group. Olivia is an important part of our learning community.

Avery Shaffer is a 4th grader who came to school this fall with an exuberant attitude and a zest for learning. One of the first things that she shared with us was her work with FACTV this past summer. Her excitement for technology was apparent from that first moment, and was thrilled to hear about this opportunity through Stoner Prairie. Avery is self motivated and has quickly risen as a vital leader in our classroom.

Abigail Chase is a thoughtful and engaged learner. She is a tremendously voracious reader, a budding writer and strong mathematician. As a fourth grader in a fourth and fifth grade multiage community, she is already showing leadership. Abby is ready and interested in going the extra mile.

Hailey Rothwell is a friendly and energetic fourth grader. Her smile extends to those around her and she is very helpful to the students who she works closely with. Hailey loves to read and write. She is equally passionate about math. Hailey brings enthusiasm and flare to any project she undertakes.

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