Badger Ridge - November 19, 2012


The 84 Pizzazz House teachers recognize: Lindsey Yeager -  Lindsey is an excellent student and an outstanding young person. She always has a smile on her face to show her positive attitude. She is a highly conscientious student, who is always prepared for class and has her work done on time. Her work is of the highest quality at all times.  Lindsey can be counted on to work with a variety of people of any ability level. She is always inclusive, and makes sure that everyone is contributing and comprehending. She also has the ability to look at problems, questions and situations from a variety of perspectives. Lindsey is an asset to our house, and we are lucky to be able to work with her!

Ms. Thorpe Choir teacher recognize: Caroline Norman - This is Caroline’s third year in choir and she was also in my advisory group last year.  Caroline is not only an exemplary student but demonstrates what it means to be a caring person to everyone in the school community.  She is of course a great singer, has been involved in the solo and ensemble festival preparing a solo and also a duet with her friends.  Is a model choir student in every way, learning her part, contributing to her section, giving insight into the pieces and more.  She was chosen by the badger ridge staff for two years in a row to represent the choir as a choir manager keeping the room organized, being the “go to” person for class, taking care of business when it needs to get done, etc.  These of course would make any student a shining star in any teachers eye.  It is the extra that really gets my attention.  For three years now we have several students in Caroline's choir class with severe disabilities.  We believe that all students should be able to participate in music and be a part of the ensemble experience.  She asks me what I need to help support our students with special needs and follows through on supporting them.  She exemplifies what it means to be a part of a community. 

The 62 Explore House teachers recognize: Dylan Bourne - Dylan is an exceptional student and role model.  He is conscientious about completing all of his work and answering in detail.  He excels in math and is currently taking 8th grade Algebra.  Dylan is always looking to learn.  He consistently goes to research more information about topics we are covering in class and he thinks outside the box. His peers look to him for positive social cues and he works well with all students in various settings.  He has a pleasant disposition with students as well as teachers and is a pleasure to have in class.  He continually goes the extra mile without being asked.  For these reasons, we honor Dylan.

The 74 Discovery House teachers recognize: Graham Sticha - Graham is a model seventh grade student in the 74 Discovery House at Badger Ridge Middle School. He readily demonstrates the Wildcat Way characteristics of being responsible, respectful, safe and ready to learn. He comes to classes prepared, with a smile, and eager for the day’s learning. Graham is a higher level thinker and asks good questions in all of his classes. Not only is his work excellent, but he is a kind learning partner with anyone in the classroom and an effective, natural leader in groups. He serves as a seventh grade representative on Badger Ridge’s Student Council. He willingly takes on challenges both in and out of school as evidenced by a rigorous hockey schedule and volunteering to create a house website (a project he successfully tackled as a sixth grader as well). We, his house teachers, believe that Graham and his zest for learning will accomplish remarkable feats and offer this world much.

The 62 Achieve House teachers recognize: Hailey Sao - It is with pleasure we nominate Hailey for recognition by our school board. Hailey is hard-working, helpful and a pleasure to have in our classes. Hailey did an outstanding job of building a spaghetti bridge; she worked in and outside of class and the bridge was a perfect example of what can be created when care and hard work come together. An example of her helpfulness is when we had a new student arrive several weeks into the school year. Hailey helped the new student organize his supplies for all classes and was there to help him find where to go when needed. She is a terrific advocate for herself and is driven to do well; her maturity is impressive and stands out among her peers. We are proud of you Hailey!

Ms. Wedderspoon reading teacher recognizes: Jatavion Hawkins - Jatavion Hawkins has been recommended for school board recognition for good reason. I believe Jatavion is developing the qualities of a future teacher! He has risen to be a leader in the Reading classes. He came into 6th grade lacking a lot of confidence. I told Jatavion we would push him to do his best work in Reading every day. He completely embraced that idea. He has read 11 books so far this year, and has straight A’s on all his quizzes!!  He is also very helpful! He is always the first student to get to work, the first one to help his fellow classmates with whatever they need, and is also willing to lend a hand to the teachers. We have noticed and are thankful for his help. Jatavion will continue to grow in confidence and his abilities even when things get difficult. Others could learn a lot from Jatavion about what it means to be kind, helpful and have a great attitude in school. We are so happy to have Jatavion in Reading at BRMS.

Ms. Wedderspoon reading teacher recognizes: Areli Montes-Ponce - Areli is recommended for school board recognition because she is the kind of student who always works hard and asks for nothing in return. She is also developing qualities of a future teacher!  She is the first one in the classroom every day, often setting up our small group area. She takes charge and sets up the books and notebooks, so when her classmates arrive to group, they are ready to read! She uses every minute in Reading to work on her skills, and is eager to learn even when the work is difficult. Her positive attitude is contagious. She works with a smile on her face and truly enjoys learning and helping others. She has recently read 3 books in the past 2 weeks. We are so proud of her, and are happy to have Areli in Reading at BRMS.

The 82 Represent House teachers recognize: Tim Schaefer - The 82 REPRESENT team would like to nominate Tim Schaefer for recognition by the Verona Area School Board. Tim has shown a real desire to learn and achieve success at the highest level this year. Tim consistently models outstanding skills for learning that demonstrate a committed work ethic, the desire to learn something new every day, and to show his best effort though his participation in class, how he helps others, and in the grades that he achieves. In addition, Tim has many interests outside of school-one of which is skiing. He has had many wonderful experiences and travels to share with his friends, classmates, and teachers here at Badger Ridge. Congratulations, Tim. Keep up the excellent work!  

The 72 EG-M House teachers recognize: Yousef Amiri - Every moment in school finds Yousef on full-wattage focus. He brings energy, intensity, and grand good humor to every discussion and every task. He practically glows with optimism, eagerness and friendliness. These characteristics make for great cooperative learning where he is an apt chameleon. He can lead a group, follow in a group and work collaboratively with most anyone. Kids like him, trust him and respect him. And, oh my is he smart (and bilingual)! We see him as a future ambassador: creating solutions while forging relationships. We, his house teachers, would like to recognize an outstanding 7th grade student in Yousef Amiri!

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