Glacier Edge - December 17, 2012


Cassandra Stone is an outstanding student! She comes to school with a big smile on her face and is eager to learn.  Cassie is so dedicated to her education that sometimes she asks if she can stay in for recess just so she can read or write more. She not only works hard during the school day, but also attends the extended day program every morning and afternoon it is offered. Cassie has excellent class participation, high academic achievement, and is also great at sharing her knowledge with her fellow peers.  She is always willing to help out and serves as a good role model for the other students.    

Sophie Petta is a special girl with a big heart.  She has an amazing gift for noticing what other people need and helping them. She helps her friends with patience and a genuine caring attitude.  There are countless moments of Sophie being selfless and thinking of others first. Sophie acts with her heart and has a "sparkle" in her eyes every day. She makes a point to acknowledge others' achievements to fill their buckets. She brings out the goodness in everyone she interacts with.

Karla Paredes is a hard worker and a kind friend.  She takes pride in her work and is always trying her best.  She was so surprised she won the ticket design, we had to tell her 4 times because she wasn't sure she heard us right and then she giggled and said, "Oh yea! I win!"  She has a positive attitude in class and a smile on her face.

Gustavo Mendoza Coria has been a role model for his peers on how to be committed to and take pride in one’s learning.  Gustavo commits himself 3 times a week outside school hours to the Extended Day Math Program at Glacier Edge and 2 times a week to tutoring sessions at Nakoma Heights.  He tackles this demanding schedule with a smile every day. Gustavo is extremely hard working, honest, habitually positive, and absolutely deserving of this recognition.

Alyssa Spencer is an exceptional safety patroller who greets every person that passes her with a smile and a helping hand. Alyssa’s post is located at a high traffic intersection for kindergarten and first graders and she frequently has to remind her charges to walk in the halls. Her requests are delivered with such good cheer that students can’t help but mind her. She not only shares safety reminders, but greets every child and adult who passes her with a smile and “good morning.” Alyssa is a wonderful role model and much appreciated at Glacier Edge.

Leslie Tlahuel is not only hardworking and conscientious about her daily class work, but is also a regular attendee at the GE Extended Day Program. Leslie focuses on doing her best and does not hesitate to ask questions or to put in extra time to make sure that she understands what is expected of her. She is a young woman who does not let anything interfere with her learning. She is an amazing young lady!

Jorge Soto-Aleman does a wonderful job of coming to school each day ready to learn!  He is very responsible with getting his homework done each night.  He works hard in school and always tries his best.  We are most thankful for his positive attitude and caring ways.  Keep up the good work Jorge and you can do ANYTHING!

Ella Chorlton is a hardworking, intelligent, and kind student.  In our classroom she quietly leads by example.  She listens intently during instruction, collaborates well during group work, and always does her best.  She truly loves learning which is evident throughout the school day.  She even did extra work with multiplying and dividing decimals on a Friday night (boy did Mr. K love hearing that in an email from Mom).  We are so proud of Ella and know that she is destined for great things.

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