New Century Charter School - February 18, 2013


Zoe Sharif, (fifth grade)
Mr. Lohr and Mrs. Konop would like to recognize Zoe Sharif.  Zoe continues to be a positive leader in the classroom and a devoted friend and peer.  Zoe has set many goals for herself, and strives to achieve those goals.  This summer, Zoe competed in a number of triathlons, and her dedication, spirit, determination can be seen in that context but those qualities carry over into the classroom.  She is ready to learn each day, brings a curious mind and positive energy.  She has a strong work ethic, is dependable, friendly, kind, determined, and inspirational to others.

Megan Vishal, (fourth grade)
Megan Vishal is another student of Mr. Lohr and Mrs. Konop. She shows leadership, curiosity, and a zest for learning.  Megan is a dedicated writer.  She strives to improve her writing daily by practicing, initiating writing lessons and tips from her teacher, and she also entered herself into a writing competition in which she placed third overall.  Megan always wants to improve and to learn more and more.  Like a sponge, she soaks up everything that she reads, hears, and observes in her daily life.  Megan is also an enthusiastic helper in the classroom whether it is helping a peer or helping the teacher. 

Livia Bakken, (second grade)
In our multi-age 2/3 classroom, it is often the case that the 3rd grade "veterans" provide leadership that help the 2nd graders. Livia, a second-grader, is a student who, in certain ways, has reversed that paradigm.  Actions speak louder than words. Though she is quite soft-spoken, Livia leads by example. She puts a tremendous amount of thought and care into projects and school assignments. One of her recent successes was a fantastic "personal narrative" story that she wrote about the time she picked up her new puppy.

Noah Kotelnicki, (second grade)
Noah is a hard working student who has made tremendous progress in literacy this year. He is one of two students who has exceeded the grade 2/3, 15/5 reading at home challenge nearly every week this year!  It pays off in his progress in reading, writing and spelling.

Madeleine Christiansen, (first grade)
Madeleine is a positive leader in the classroom.  She is helpful to teachers and her peers.  She enjoys participating in class activities, sharing her "smarts" with the group.  She is very conscientious, shows maturity and a sense of responsibility.  Madeleine is a joy to have in class.

Landon Bakken, (first grade)
Landon Bakken is a student in Ms. Feller’s K-1 classroom. Ms. Feller shares that Landon is a fun, happy go-lucky guy and a respectful student and classmate. He is a kind and patient mentor to the younger students in his K-1 classroom often volunteering to help others. He is also a persistent learner who isn't afraid to work hard to challenge himself and learn new things.

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