Country View Elementary School - March 18, 2013


MICHAEL GUY - Michael Guy is being recognized for his leadership and the ability to inspire others in our school.  In the classroom Michael is a leader in helping others and making sure everyone is included. Michael’s teacher is most impressed with Michael’s performance in his classroom job. As the quote reader Michael’s daily job is to share a quote during morning Team Circle that will motivate or inspire the class. Michael has taken this responsibility to a much higher level and chooses to write his own quotes. Here is one he wrote for our economics collection to help others think about giving their profit.  "Success makes you feel good, doing things for others satisfies you." He said it came to him in the middle of the night and he got up to write it down. This quote helped to motivate the class to raise about $500 for charities. 

EMILY GRANT - Emily Grant is being recognized for her commitment to learning and for consistently going above and beyond at recognizing others' needs. Emily is a hard worker who wants to learn and do well. She is also a model school citizen. Every day, Emily helps another student feel connected and cared for, and she does this in her quiet and humble way. She has empathy beyond explanation. She recognizes when someone is in need of learning help or friendship - and without hesitation she quietly works to help make it right. She has been a steady force for goodness & empathy in our classroom and deserves highest accolades for her beautiful spirit!

MALIK ODETUNDE - Malik joined our school in November and quickly became an important part of the Country View Community.  He is a quiet leader, shows kindness to others, and is a role model for the Country View Respect Plan.  Malik is a diligent student who puts forth his best effort in all areas. He volunteers his time to help out in our K-1 classrooms, reading with students. He is kind and friendly to everyone!  For Valentine's day he hand wrote a thoughtful and sincere message to every student in his class. Malik’s character has been noticed in all environments ~ as the bus driver said, Malik is the most wonderful kid she has had the pleasure to serve!   

KATIE PEDERSON - Katie Pederson embodies what being a fourth grader is all about. Her laid back, easy going personality is contagious. She has very high expectations for herself in all that she does. Katie has a strong sense of character and is very aware of the power that her smart choices have on others. Her teacher has yet to have an interaction with her in which she isn't smiling from ear to ear. Her positive attitude is motivating to her teacher every day. Katie is willing to help anyone who asks, and even those that don't ask. Academically Katie is right on track, and in terms of character, she is off the charts!

CARMELO - Carmelo is a model student when it comes to following our respect plan. Carmelo is always willing to help out others, whether it's cleaning up around the classroom without being asked, or working to make sure all his classmates feel valued and included in an activity. He is patient and respectful when working with a group, and will always take the time to help out a friend (without just giving them the answers)! When Carmelo has a problem with another student, he uses the class 'Friendship Fix-Its' to respectfully solve the problem, usually without any adult help. Carmelo is also a hard worker with a great attitude toward school. His teacher is so proud of the work he's done this year!

LAUREN SIMONETT - Lauren reaches out to all students and is a positive role model in her 2/3 multi-age community every day. She is an active leader. Lauren helps students with their work in a nurturing way and is a vocal leader who stands up for what is right. She is highly motivated to be successful and demonstrates this by going above and beyond the average work load. Lauren is a proficient student, who demonstrates many advanced skills because of her wonderful work ethic.

MATTHEW KEEL - Matthew is a role-model for other students because of his positive behaviors and positive attitude. Matthew needs and welcomes challenges. He is intrinsically motivated to be a strong learner. He is a student who can and will be partners with anyone in the room. His teacher is frequently impressed by his leadership. He is the kind of student that teachers want to clone!

GILLIAN JONES - Gillian is an imaginative and playful third grader. She is being recognized for her exceptional talent as an artist.  Gillian is a soft spoken young lady who expresses her joy of life through her amazing art. This delightful girl also enjoys creative dramatics, reading, horses, and fiddling with tree branches and leaves while celebrating Mother Nature. When she grows up, she’d like to illustrate children’s books.

GINNY BILLMEYER - Ginny is a Kindergarten student in a K/1 Classroom.  Ginny goes above and beyond being ready to learn in school by being respectful in all areas of the school day.  She is consistently on task in all classes and gets her work done well in advance of the time allotted for completion.  As a Kindergartener, she is a role model for all students by the way she follows our respect plan and is committed to learning.  I know she will go far with her great foundation for learning.  Ginny, you rock!

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