Country View Elementary School - October 21, 2013


Country View Elementary Student Recognition
School Board Meeting Monday, October 21, 2013 
DOMINIC WILLIAMS (nominated by Sharon Mork, 4th Grade Teacher)
Dominic personifies all of the qualities a well-rounded learner needs for academic success.  He models many of the important building blocks that lead to the healthy development of a caring and responsible scholar. Dominic has strong internal assets which he brings to learning each day.  He has strong achievement motivation always looking to do well in school.  He is actively engaged in learning and is bonded to the school community. His integrity, honesty and a high value on caring for others lets me know he has positive values which come from a deep level of love and support from his family.  Dominic is also very socially competent knowing how to plan ahead and make good choices.  He shows empathy, sensitivity and has wonderful friendship skills. His teacher, Mrs. Mork, says she is delighted to have Dominic as a member of her classroom and knows he will continue to grow as a learner and a citizen. 
KELSY GRANT (nominated by Amelia McConnell, Secretary)
Kelsy Grant is always friendly and thoughtful. Ever since she was a kindergartner I watched her offer to push friends on the swings on the playground, open wrappers at lunch, and carry trays for injured students. She goes the extra mile to make her friends feel good with her jokes and hugs and her big smile. Her diligence in her school work and her attention to detail make beautiful stories and projects in the classroom. Each time she graces the office, if only to politely ask for a band aid, I think how lucky we are at Country View to have kids like her! 
MYAH TURNER (nominated by Bobbie Reinhart, 3rd Grade Teacher)
Myah has been a pleasure to have as a part of our third grade community since the first day of school. Every day she comes to school with a great attitude and a bright smile on her face. She is a student who is going to work hard at everything she does and set a great example for everyone in the class while she does it. This year in our classroom we have 4 students who are new to Country View and Myah has been very open minded in welcoming and helping these students when she sees they are unsure about something. One specific time that stands out was when one of my new students, who has a quiet and shy personality, was unsure where to go when her mom was at school to pick her up early. Immediately, Myah was standing right next to her and reached her hand out to lead her to the office. This unselfish and friendly attitude that she shows has become contagious in our room and has helped create a safe and learner friendly environment.    
BAILEY FELSHEIM (nominated by Theresa Graham, 5th Grade Teacher)

Bailey Felsheim should be recognized for being an outstanding student, role model and CV student leader!  She is a very special student who promotes greatness by her very presence.  The quality and intensity she brings to each project inspires others to work above and beyond their usual comfort zone.  She brings a sense of calm, but also an intellectual rigor that heightens the awareness and intensity of all others.  Each year, Bailey's great energy spreads beyond her own immediate surroundings...she should be recognized for this beautiful gift she has shared with CV for 6 years. 

KADEN KITTLESON (nominated by Katy Esch, 2/3 Multiage Teacher)

Kaden is a student who embraces differences and includes his fellow peers in social and academic activities. He is an active role model and leader. All his classmates embrace his caring and helpful attitude. Every day I hear encouraging and complimentary words from Kaden towards other Country View students. His optimism, hard work and love for every person make him incredibly special. 

LAUREN HOFFMAN (nominated by Katy Esch, 2/3 Multiage Teacher)
Lauren Hoffman enters the classroom with a smile every day. She demonstrates a love for learning and her effort is endless. She models friendly, enthusiastic and hardworking behavior for each of her classmates. Lauren is a responsible student who cares about her learning, her classmates and her teachers. Country View is lucky to have such an incredible second grader.

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